You ARE what you THINK

by Tiffany on May 18, 2016

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The old saying: you are what you eat… might be true. But the reality I live in is you ARE what you THINK.

So let me ask, do you think:

Your not making enough money?
Your working too many hours?
Boundaries are always an issue?
You don’t have enough clients?
You no longer enjoy the work you are doing?
You have too many projects, not enough help?
Your clients don’t respect you?

I dare say if you are a virtual support professional you have thought at least one of these things! We can easily get sucked into the hole of how the answers to these questions make us feel. It might be that you feel as though you are failing or completely overwhelmed, maybe you feel your clients are inconsiderate or that you are hitting burn out. What we think determines how we feel. Which can then lead to a domino effect of discouragement, frustration, hopelessness… all of which can destroy your ability to create the business and life you desire. And it all starts with a single thought.

The question I most get asked when I am talking to potential Online Business Managers is:

“How quickly can I get clients and make money after the training?”

To which my answer is always: “Well that depends on you and your ability to market and sell yourself.”

Many of our trainees come out of their Certification training and start working with clients right away. These same folks will easily grow their business and push through their entrepreneur journey until they finally land on exactly what they want. They have a ‘no stopping me’ attitude and they approach everything about their business that way.

Then there are others that really struggle landing that first client…. or maintaining long term relationships with clients.

The difference? What they think… about themselves, their business and their clients.

We ARE what we THINK!

Consider this:

Two people can take the exact same effort and end up with two totally different results. I have seen it happen time and time again… follow up with the same rfp’s do the same social media, update their web pages, concrete their communication, yet one will end up the business they desire and the other wont… why is this?

In my experience it has everything to do with what they are thinking about each of those efforts. One is celebrating every effort as a success, the other is loathing every effort as though it’s chipping at an oversized bolder in their way. One is positive in their ability to be successful, where the other is certain the hammer is going to drop at any time.

EVERYTIME, I see someone in our community totally rocking their business and I chat with them, they have one common thread: how they think about themselves, their business and their clients.

If you know you need to shift your thought process and your mindset.. join us on TOMORROW for the Mindset Retreat. I am going to share practical tips and habits on how to shift your thinking to align your thinking with building the business you truly desire.

Tiffany Johnson is a seasoned Online Business Manager who is passionate about supporting Online Business Managers in LIVING their success dream. She excels in team development, systems/process management and project leadership. As an entrepreneur herself, she understands the challenges and successes of running, maintaining and developing a strong foundational business. Tiffany believes fully her success lies only in the success of the businesses she serves.

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