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by Tiffany on March 2, 2016

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There is nothing worse then the feeling of being stuck. I know I have been there, several times throughout my business journey.

  • Stuck -> working with clients I didn’t truly believe where a good fit for me
  • Stuck -> doing work I didn’t love doing
  • Stuck -> in obligations (thanks Tina, for helping me see this recently)
  • Stuck -> not knowing the next steps (this one is HUGE where business is concerned… want to get unstuck just not sure how)

The truth is being stuck sucks!

Let me ask, would you rehire the clients you currently have? Or if you could get away from them and know you could replace the income you would in a minute?

What about your team? Would you rehire them or if you could let go of the emotional string, would you be ready to set them free and go forward with new team members?

See what happens when we get stuck is we begin to believe that there is no way out… but there is always a way out.

The question is are we strong enough to MOVE ON?

  • MOVE ON -> to new clients
  • MOVE ON -> to offering new services that we know we are better suited for.
  • MOVE ON -> from relationships we feel obligated to serve
  • MOVE ON -> strategically in taking your business to the next level

These are the hard decisions in business, and these are the decisions that keep us in a season that causes us so much frustration and anguish.

Often we will not allow ourselves to MOVE ON, simply because we don’t want to do these 3 things:

1) Experience Risk – what if it fails, what if I don’t replace the client, what if I waste my money, what if I don’t really like the next thing I offer…
2) Invest the Money – John C Maxwell has a saying: “If you won’t bet on yourself, why would I want to bet on you?” When we do not see our own value in a way that promotes investing in ourselves we will never MOVE ON…
3) Commit the Time – honestly, time for me is more precious than money at this point, so to MOVE ON means we have to make the time commitment needed to transition through the season to the next.

WHAT IF WE DID? What if we did these 3 things… what if we did MOVE ON?

Just think about that because where you are now is not where you have to remain! It’s 100% YOUR CHOICE and you get to determine if you are going to stay in the dead of Winter or if you are going to experience the new life of the Spring!!

If you choose to MOVE ON… look at where you can purposefully engage these 3 decisions.

If you know moving on for you is working with High-End Clients, truly partnering with business owners to be an advocate for their business and creating a sustaining revenue for yourself… check out this recent webinar Tina hosted: Working With High-End Clients (it’s AWESOME!)

Tiffany Johnson is a seasoned Online Business Manager who is passionate about supporting Online Business Managers in LIVING their success dream. She excels in team development, systems/process management and project leadership. As an entrepreneur herself, she understands the challenges and successes of running, maintaining and developing a strong foundational business. Tiffany believes fully her success lies only in the success of the businesses she serves.

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