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Starter Kit designed for #virtualassistants and aspiring Online Business Managers – join me AFFILIATE LINK

Are you ready to take the first steps in becoming an Online Business Manager #obm? AFFILIATE LINK

#virtualassistants – interested in boosting your biz?  Check out the Online Business Manager Starter Kit AFFILIATE LINK

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Want to know what it will take to become an Online Business Manager? Check out this FREE starter kit AFFILIATE LINK

Everyone’s got a story right? Well here is the inside scoop on how Tina Forsyth started her OBM biz  AFFILIATE LINK

#virtualassistants, check out this free OBM starter kit  and start your #OBM Biz.. BAM – yea it’s that easy  AFFILIATE LINK

You can create your DREAM job – become an OBM! Find out how to start here AFFILIATE LINK

Have you read the book Becoming an OBM? If so (and you loved it) then check out this OBM Startker Kit AFFILIATE LINK

Are you a #virtualassistant ready to ‘play the bigger game’ with your clients? The Free OBM Starter Kit is for you AFFILIATE LINK

Are you looking to become an #onlinebusinessmanager? Check out this FREE starter kit. AFFILIATE LINK

Are you a #virtualassistant who gets stuff done? Have you heard of or thought of becoming an #OnlineBusinessManager? AFFILIATE LINK

Curious about what an #OnlineBusinessManager really does? Check out this FREE starter kit today AFFILIATE LINK

What’s the difference between an #OnlineBusinessManager and a #virtualassistant? Get Your FREE Starter Kit here AFFILIATE LINK

How do you get ready to make the transition from being a #virtualassistant to being an #onlinebusinessmanager? AFFILIATE LINK

#virtualassistants, get your Free Starter Kit & learn what it takes to transition to being an #onlinebusinessmanager AFFILIATE LINK

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want the tools to move from being a #virtualassistant to an #onlinebusinessmanager? Check out this Free Starter Kit AFFILIATE LINK

are you a #virtualassistant but want something bigger? Check out the #onlinebusinessmanager free starter kit – is this for you? AFFILIATE LINK

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Are you looking for something bigger than your current #virtualassistant business? Perhaps you’ve wondered what the real difference is between a #virtualassistant and #onlinebusinessmanager?

Check out this Free OBM Starter Kit and learn the 100+ Ways an OBM Can help Boost Business, How to Get Ready to Become an OBM plus a whole lot more.

All the details are here >> AFFILIATE LINK

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Do you know what an Online Business Manager really does?

I know I didn’t. (Honestly, I thought they were glorified Virtual Assistants!).

Tina Forsyth has a Free OBM Starter Kt that tells you what an Online Business Manager really does, how to get ready to become an OBM and more.

If you’re thinking you want more out of your #virtualassistant business, consider getting this Starter Kit. AFFILIATE LINK

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Whenever someone asks about the most important aspect of becoming an OBM my answer is simple:

“Do you really want to be one?”

I’m a believer that wanting to do something is half the battle – and outside of that most everything can be learned along the way. So long as you have clarity and a plan of action in place.

Tina Forsyth, the lady behind the Online Business Manager movement has designed the Online Business Manager Starter Kit to give you everything you need to plan your OBM business foundation, including:

“How do I get ready to become an OBM?”audio recording. Here’s what you’ll learn when you listen to this recording:

• Where it all started – how an industry was born back in 2003 (including Tina’s own personal story as to how it all began)

•  The 3 types of people whose background and experience is ideally suited for this work (leveraging what you are already great at)

• How the way you think could “make or break” you as an OBM (20 specific strengths & attitudes that will lend themselves to your success.)

• How to set yourself up for success as a business owner vs. an employee (there are some key shifts you are going to need to make… not something to dive into lightly.)

• SESSION TAKEAWAY: For you to get clear on how your strengths and experience can be leveraged as an Online Business Manager, and what areas you will want to work on developing

It all starts here … get your free Starter Kit!  [INSERT YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE]



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