Vanessa Henriquez

Vanessa Henriquez

Certified Since:: May 2023

Expert Overview

Do you wish you could grow your business more, and at the same time spend more time doing the things you love and bring you balance? Is the light at the end of the tunnel difficult to see sometimes?

My mission is to bring brighter days ahead in your business growth by optimizing processes, eliminating bottlenecks, ambiguous systems and creating a roadmap for efficiencies, productivity, growth and balance

Leveraging my 15+ years of professional experience in process improvement, data analysis, project management and business operations within large and small corporations, I can help you create a roadmap to grow your business without feeling overwhelmed and allowing time for the things you love doing!

I provide support in the following key areas:

** Systems and Process Improvement: Streamlining processes are key to gaining efficiencies in time, resources and reducing errors and costs. Let’s get those processes in place and implemented!

** Metrics and Data Analysis: Are you unsure about what campaigns are doing great and how to make them better? Where do you focus your attention and energy? I can help you setup the proper set of metrics to easily determine if, and how, you need to tweak your efforts for maximum results.

** Strategic Quarterly Planning: They say that “failing to prepare is preparing to fail” – so strategic planning is a must for achieving goals and for growth. I can help you create quarterly business plans that are tailored to your business and goals so you can see progress with every step.

** Operations, Project Management, Leadership, Team Management: Reclaim YOUR TIME! Let me take care of all those day-to day tasks that are so important to keep the business going but take up so much of your time! You will have the time you need to start implementing those great ideas for growing your business and for enjoying your life.

When I’m not working, I enjoy the outdoors, hiking, trying out that new coffee shop in the area. I love making and decorating sugar cookies for friends and family. I am also fluent in Spanish.

Skills & Training:

Certified Online Business Manager – IAOBM
Email Marketing
Project Management
Operations Management
Process and Systems Optimization
Team Management and Training
Metrics Tracking and Analysis
Master Data and Data Governance


English, Spanish

Online tools & systems:

Microsoft Suite
I learn new tools quickly