Tania Abriam

Tania Abriam

Certified Since:: August 2021

Expert Overview

Hi! I'm a U.S. based Certified OBM with a passion for helping Health & Wellness Professionals simplify their business so they have more time to serve their clients and scale their business without feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. I'm a detail-loving organizer, systems mastermind, recovering over-achiever, and self-care advocate who has experienced first-hand the benefits of Functional Health & Wellness and wants to do what I can to help grow the businesses in this niche.

Skills & Training:

Over my 11 year career working for a Fortune 500 company - I specialized in streamlining processes, leading projects to completion, and guiding data-driven decisions that helped service-based teams reach their goals in a simple and sustainable way.

Personal Growth is one of my core values. As a lifelong learner, I'm a Certified OBM, Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Level 1 Certified, have a degree in Computer Science (Translation: fluent in Programming & Web Design), experienced in Agile and Waterfall Project Management, and am usually on a mission to learn something new. My favorite topics are: Life Sciences (Hello Health & Nature!), Business, Technology, and Mindset (Personal Development, Meditation, and everything in between!).

My Personality Profiles:
Meyers-Briggs: INFP (But I've learned to be Extroverted!)
Kolbe A Index: 6 - 8 - 2 - 5
Enneagram: 2 (Helper) w 3 (Achiever)
Gallup (Clifton) Strengths:
1. Learner
2. Connectedness
3. Responsibility
4. Input
5. Discipline


English. Tagalog (Basic)

Online tools & systems:

As a geek who also loves learning, I have extensive experience with a variety of tools, systems, and technology. I also understand the fast-moving nature of online tools and systems and therefore make maintaining my skills and staying plugged-in to new tools and features a priority.

Here is a list of the most common tools I'm proficient in:
MS Office
Payment Portals (Paypal, Stripe, etc.)

This isn't a complete list of my proficiencies. Rest assured that even if you don't see it on this list, I may already have experience with it or I can learn it quickly!