Sue Balcomb

Sue Balcomb

Certified Since:: August 2021

Expert Overview

I am a Systems & Processes Specialist based in New Zealand. As a systems champion, my purpose is to help business owners and leaders step out of the day-to-day of their business by delegating ownership of their systems and processes to me as their OBM. My role is to define and systemise processes, support the team in documenting processes, manage documentation and hold the leadership and team accountable, ensure processes are followed by all and lead continuous improvement of systems. The business can expect improved results and sustained momentum toward optimisation of their systems. Buy-in from the business (leadership and team) enables my success and provides return on investment for the business. I treat the business as if it is my own with a focus and commitment to my role as a sounding board, strategic partner, and systems cheerleader. The result is a business that has improved resilience with optimised systems and processes that become tangible assets for the company.

Skills & Training:

Following decades of experience as an EA supporting corporate executives around the world, I reinvented myself as a virtual assistant, joining the team at Your Virtual Assistant Limited, one of New Zealand's largest and most respected virtual business support agencies. I achieved OBM certification in 2021 and have worked with a number of OBM clients across a range of industries. I also hold a leadership role at Your VA as their OBM and Integrator.

I am comfortable in leadership roles, managing teams, projects and setting up systems and processes. I love a good plan and like working with business owners to help translate their business ideas into SMART goals. Our agency runs on the EOS Entrepreneurial Operating System (a set of simple concepts and practical tools that help to clarify, simplify, and achieve business goals) and I am an experienced EOS Integrator.


English with some understanding of French and German.

Online tools & systems:

I have experience in the following tools and systems:
Project management: Proworkflow, ClickUp,, Trello, Scoro
CRM: HubSpot, Autotask
Surveys: SurveyMonkey
Bookkeeping: Xero, Quotient
Online event management: Eventbrite, Humanitix, Zoom webinars
Procedures: Process Street, SOPs
Google Suite
MS Office Suite
Writing: proofing and editing
AI tools