Steven Poelmans

Steven Poelmans

Certified Since:: 11/22


As OBM, I help SaaS companies and coaches with building and growing scalable business models, without overwhelm. So that they can create the impact they desire and make their vision come alive.

I have a background as software engineer, building digital applications and scalable revenue streams.
I transitioned as product manager / project manager and I am co-owner of a software platform for coaches. I am marketing strategist and help coaches with creating ethical & authentic sales funnels.

I combine strategy, discovery and delivery. Because of my broad interest and learning capability I adapt fast to a new domain. Since I execute on my own product ideas, I stay up-to-date on technical level. But I am only happy when the product surprises and exceeds expectations. To delight the user.

I am a fast thinker and problem solver. I use my natural born talents to execute on ideas. I love learning, so that I stay up to date with trends and new developments. I gained experience in helping teams to become better and grow their talents.

Designing a product vision and strategy and plan and execute on objectives in a predictable way, emerging myself into the world of the users, leading a team and solving problems is what gives me energy. Together with you, I want to make your product and innovation a success.

Skills & Training:

- Certified OBM
- Agile Project Management
- Leanstack Continuous-Innovation
- Certified Career coach
- Donal Miller StoryBrand
- Amy Porterfield Digital Course Academy
- Various marketing & strategy courses
- Building websites & software


Dutch, English, French

Online tools & systems:

- Atlassian Jira / confluence
- Teamwork, ClickUp, Asana
- Kajabi
- My Coach Office
- Teachable
- Thinkific
- ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, ConvertKit
- Wordpress
- Zapier