Roxanne Turck

Roxanne Turck

Certified Since:: August 2023

Expert Overview

I always knew I was supposed to help people, it just took me decades to gain the experience and training to identify and pursue my purpose. “You never work a day in your life, if you love what you're doing.” Right? Well, now I’m here with specific intentions- to eliminate burnout, plan success, and help you get some time back to do more of what you love.

You can’t get life's moments back. Let’s make work life easier and balance ourselves out. No need to support hustle culture and glorify burn-out.

Changing perspective is powerful and life-changing but it is certainly not easy. Overcoming adversity takes compassion and sometimes a vengeance against hard s—tuff.

So- let’s be friends and get to work strategically. Together we can:
• Get you to your happy place. Maybe only wear one hat at a time… Doing what you love most, making sure our strategic plan is created to annihilate big goals.
• Get efficient. I mean go from A-Z the way the bird flies. Enough of repeating tasks and flying blind.
• Get metrics. Let’s analyze- we can put together numbers that will work like a magic 8-ball, letting us know where we perform our best and what to improve.

Our purpose is to empower entrepreneurs and business owners with the tools, strategies, and mindset necessary to break free from convention and embrace their unique vision. We challenge the status quo and encourage our clients to push boundaries, take risks, and defy expectations.

"Leadership- inspiring others to achieve, serving them so they can, and celebrating them when they do." I do not know the author of this quote but, they are my people.

Skills & Training:

Certified OBM
QuickBooks Pro Advisor
HR Generalist
Intellectual Property Legal Secretary
Lewis County Leadership Academy

Operations Management
Administrative Skills
Team Management
Project Management



Online tools & systems:

Technology is fast, consequently, there is a forever learning curve here... and I love learning so I welcome new tools and systems.

I'm confident with:
• Project Management Tools
• HRIS applications
• Canva
• Microsoft Office Suite
• Google Suite