Monika Grobelny

Monika Grobelny

Certified Since:: 05/2023

Expert Overview

Based in Germany, I help online business owners maximize their potential by managing all aspects of operational and team day-to day activities, so they can focus on the heart and vision of their business – and also gain some of their free time back!

Does this sound familiar?
• You are the owner of a successful and growing online business, but you feel like you can't do it all alone anymore. The day-to-day running of your business has taken over , leaving you no time to focus on your vision or next ideas.
• You feel that you need systems and a team in place to support your growing business, but just don't know where to start. ?
• You just feel overwhelmed and need someone to partner with and take your business to the next level?

Here’s where I come in :

Bringing your business to the next level requires a strategic partner who can help you set smart goals and develop a plan to make things happen.

As your Online Business Manager I will
• work with you to set up soundproof strategies with clear quarterly and annual goals
• carefully select and implement customized systems and processes specifically designed for your business.
• I will hire, onboard and manage a virtual team for you
• This will leave you time and headspace to focus back on what you do best: focus on your vision and growth for your business

With work experience from several leading global corporations in the textile, sports and cosmetics industries over the last 15 years in my pocket, I have developed my skills in planning, analytics and team management.
Additionally, these experiences taught me how to quickly adapt to new situations, keep calm under pressure and stay organised throughout any chaos life might bring.
But my biggest teachers are my two small boys - it's at these moments when you have to be calm under pressure and multi-task that your true potential is revealed!
By bringing in my organizational skills, my love for priority-setting and solid plans, I can do what I do best and bring real impact into my clients' businesses. This gives them back their time and freedom to do what THEY do best – work on the growth and vision for their business.

Let me put my experience to work for you so that together we can take your business to new heights.

Skills & Training:

- Certified OBM !!
- Master in International Economics, University of Hohenheim, Germany
- Retail Management at Oxford Summer School, England

- Planning and Forecasting
- Reporting & Analysis
- Team Leadership
- Project Management
- Launch Management


German, English, Polish

Online tools & systems:

I have always worked with new technologies in my corporate roles and consider myself very tech-savvy. I am always excited to learn new platforms and experiment with new tools.

Below is a list of tools and systems that I already have experience in:

Google Analytics
Microsoft Office, Google Suites