Melinda Herrick

Melinda Herrick

Certified Since:: February 2023

Expert Overview

Are you stressed out from spending more of your time working “in” your business, rather than working “on” your business? Wouldn’t you be more productive in scaling your business if you were able to get back up to 10 hours per week of your time?
I specialize in organizing and streamlining business operations that will give you back that time, so you, as the CEO can move back into your zone of genius expanding the company and driving profitability.
Our journey will begin with an Operations Audit of your business. Together, we will review your team, systems, marketing, daily operations, and any “fires” that are stealing your time and energy. Within five business days of the audit, I will present you with a 90-day plan that will focus on 1 of 3 areas that you identified as needing immediate attention (Team, Operations and Systems, or Marketing). As I start organizing and streamlining the operations, we will start transitioning these daily tasks (my zone of genius) from you to me; thereby giving this time back to you.
Are you ready to start handing over these day-to-day operations that are causing a drain on your time, energy and creativity?
Let’s get started! Just copy this link to schedule a call for your operations audit.
If you have questions or would like more information, you can schedule a call or email me.
I look forward to connecting with you.

Skills & Training:

Project Management skills: planning, organizing, communication,
Operations Management skills: analytical, process improvement, change management,
Launch Management skills: strategic thinking, decision-making, technical,
Metric Management skills: tracking, monitoring, analytical,
Team Leadership skills: coaching, effective communication, problem-solving



Online tools & systems:

I love technology and I am quite tech savvy. There are not too many systems that I have not been able to figure out. I enjoy the challenge of learning new platforms and trying out new tools. As Marie Forleo's book states, "Everything Is Figureoutable".