Leslie Auman Hirgelt

Leslie Auman Hirgelt

Certified Since:: August 2020

Expert Overview

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Hey there, fellow womxn entrepreneur!

My name is Leslie Auman Hirgelt, and I'm a former middle school teacher turned virtual assistant and now Certified Online Business Manager! After I left teaching, it wasn't exactly my intention to become an online entrepreneur...but here I am, almost six years later, and I haven't looked back!

Those of us who have made this jump know the grit and determination it takes to stick it out, so if you're here, if you've put in the work to grow your business to the point of being ready to hire an OBM, if you're looking to continue growing and scaling...then I'm here to help you!

Before we go any further, though, it's really important that I list my core values for you. It's paramount to me that I work with clients whose core values align with mine.

1) I prioritize treating people with respect, kindness, and dignity. I believe Black lives matter, and I fully support the civil rights movements of those in the LGBTQ+ community and of people of color. Hateful language and behavior is not tolerated, and Leslie Auman OBM has a commitment to diversity and inclusivity.
2) I prioritize integrity and honesty.
3) I value openness, trust, and performance to build excitement and to get results.
4) I value sustainable growth in my own and in clients’ businesses.
5) I value quality and excellence in my deliverables and systems.

As a Certified OBM®, I work with womxn entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses and develop new strategies for success. I make this happen by:

managing and supporting you, the CEO (yes, you read that right!)
managing and delegating to your team
focusing on the creation and maintenance of systems and processes
streamlining operations for smoother function and better efficiency
diving into project management ? including launch management ? and breaking big ideas down into achievable tasks
→ tracking metrics to analyze growth and improvement over time

In addition, I'm always game to partner with you to create better performing business strategies and action plans. I love handling all of the behind-the-scenes responsibilities listed above, but I also want to be your right-hand partner in helping to create a strategic path that the business will follow for forward progress (up and to the right!).

You might be interested to know some of my conative and affective assessment results, so here you go!

● Kolbe A Index: 8-8-2-2
● 16 Personalities: ISFJ, the Defender
● Enneagram: Type 1 with a Dominant 9 Wing
● StrengthsFinder: Harmony, Developer, Responsibility, Relator, Discipline

I have a few different service offerings to help you accomplish the things listed above, which include:

1) Business Intensive: 90-120 minute strategy session with deliverables
2) Ongoing Services: Scope of Work retainer package
3) VIP Day: virtual 6-hour 1-on-1 day with deliverables

Business Intensives start at $300, Ongoing Services packages start at $1,400/month, and VIP Days start at $1,000.

To ensure I have the training and skills necessary to stay current in my work, I've completed IAOBM's Certified OBM® Training (Spring 2020), and I'm currently enrolled in the Legendary Launch Manager Certification, which runs in Spring 2021. I'm aiming to take Project Manage Like a CEO, hopefully (later) in 2021, as well, to further improve my training in project management.

Nobody's business is perfect ? and that's okay. There's always room for growth and improvement, and I want to be a partner with you in that process. (And if you happen to enjoy Outlander, Harry Potter, and gluten-free pizza as much as I do while we're working together in our partnership, then all the better!)

Ready to hop on Zoom with me? I'd love to talk with you if you've read this far and feel strongly that we'll be a great fit!

Click here to complete a short form and submit your inquiry!

To your success,

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Skills & Training:

Certified OBM® Training: Spring 2020 Cohort
→ OBM Live 2020
Legendary Launch Manager Certification: Spring 2021 Cohort (will be certified by late Spring 2021)
Worked as a General VA in the Teachers Pay Teachers niche August 2015 through Summer 2020
B.A. and M.Ed. degrees in Middle Childhood Education; formerly a middle school teacher



Online tools & systems:

● I currently work on a MacBook Pro extended two external monitors.
● Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and Google Apps
● Microsoft 365
● Flodesk
● ActiveCampaign
● MailerLite

Google Meet
Adobe Acrobat Pro
Foxit Software PhantomPDF