Lenica Stephen

Lenica Stephen

Certified Since:: August 2017


I partner with business owners to manage their Teams, Operations, and/or Projects. I work with my clients to take their business ideas from conception to implementation and ensure these initiatives are aligned with their growth strategy.

I believe in the importance of having a good support system whether in business or in personal life and this was one of the major reasons I started my business.

I have a passion to work with people and businesses owners who love what they do and are good at it and often need either a strategic support system for business solutions or a reliable resource to brainstorm, provide feedback or collaborate on initiatives.

My vision for my business is to be the chosen authority in providing strategic business operations solutions and to provide an environment of support and empowerment that will lead my clients to outrageous levels of success.

My preferred kind of clients are:
o Business/Executive Coaches, Corporate/Professional Development Trainers, Life Coaches, Youth Coaches, Speakers/Facilitators

o Business Owners who share similar Core Values (as below) in their business and in life:
 * Integrity
 * Community of Giving
 * Uplifting & Unconditional Support
 * Positive Energy
 * Authentic Relationships
 * Empowerment of Others
 * Unconditional Gratitude

Skills & Training:

* 15+ years of Corporate professional experience

* Project Management Professional (PMP)

* Change Management Practitioner (CMP)

* Certified Online Business Manager (OBM)

* Leadership Development

* Team Development & Coaching

* Client Service & Strategic Interaction Skills Training


My Strengths and Areas of Specialty are:
* Strategic Planning & Road mapping

* Project Management

* Team Development & Management

* Systems & Processes Management (workflows & documentation)

* Organizational Development & Communication Management





Online tools & systems:

o Teamwork PM

o Asana PM

o Pro Workflow PM

o Basecamp PM

o Wrike PM

o Slack

o Zoom

o Dropbox

o Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio)

o Google drive