Kim Jones – Work Smarter Evolution

Kim Jones - Work Smarter Evolution

Certified Since:: 11/2019

Expert Overview

You’ve worked hard to bring your business empire to its current success. You have so much more you want to accomplish and share with the world. What you don’t have more of is TIME. At your level of success, you can’t just work harder - you need to offload some of the day-to-day tasks so you can grow the business and still have a LIFE. It’s time for the WORK SMARTER EVOLUTION in your business. With over 20 years of business management in large businesses utilizing remote teams, breakthrough thinking in team building, and experience coaching business builders in shifting their thinking, I know I can take the strain off your shoulders and help you reach the next level.

Skills & Training:

Certified Online Business Manager
Institute for Professional Excellence In Coaching (IPEC)

MBA - Technology Management
Diploma in Computer Information Systems
ServiceIT Implementation, Administration, and End User courses
GoldMine Advanced Administration and Database customization
AMA Customer Measurement: How to Satisfy and Retain Your Most Important Customers; Improving Managerial Skills
JCI Training Institute - Certified Member Trainer (advanced techniques for adult training)



Online tools & systems:

google suite
microsoft 365 full suite
adobe full suite
linked in
instant teleseminar
click funnels
sales force
sales flare
funnel CRM
many many more - familiar with the functionality of most online marketing and project management tools if not proficient