Kathrene Genosa

Kathrene Genosa

Certified Since:: February 2021

Expert Overview

I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs, coaches and creators calm the chaos of daily operations so they can spend more time on what lights them up.

It’s tough to protect your inner visionary and move meaningful work forward when running your business takes up all of your time, energy and brain space.

When it’s time for a much-needed reset, I’m the partner who will jump right in and create time-saving efficiencies tailored to your unique style. I’m here to rally around your vision and am fully committed to helping you drive your vision forward.

In bringing my expertise in product development, project management, launch planning and systems strategy, I will help you run your business with ease, confidence and less stress.

We may be a great fit if:
You love doing work that makes a difference
Your values extend beyond profit and include lifting up others in your community
You are ready to take the next step in making an even bigger impact
You are full of new ideas and want realistic plans to bring them to life!
You need an organizational and systems specialist who is committed to deeply understanding your business instead of quick fixes and band-aid solutions
You want to feel less reactive, feel ahead and in flow
You want to unlock simple ways to make day-to-day tasks run on their own, so you can focus on your most important creative and strategic work
You would love to get the knowledge of running your business out of your head and into the hands of your team

My love language includes arranging the moving pieces, creating efficient systems and transforming ideas into tangible plans. I take your strategy and ideas that have been a struggle to take consistent action towards, and provide realistic and clear action plans that are fully aligned to your goals.

Key ways I can help:
Simplifying and automating time-consuming tasks (ex. marketing, social media, finances, reporting, course management, sales and client onboarding)
Setting up a project management tool
SOP creation and management
Team hiring, onboarding and management
Launch planning and implementation
One-time or ongoing project management

I can also create custom OBM packages based on your business pain points and needs.

If you are ready to create more time, space and freedom for yourself and to build a business that leaves a lasting impact let’s connect!

Skills & Training:

Certified Online Business Manager®
Bachelors in Business Administration, Simon Fraser University
Sustainable Entrepreneurship
Project Management
Product Development
Product Management
Operations Management
Strategic Planning
Launch Strategy
Launch Management
Strategic Planning
Product Marketing
Program Management
Team Management
Customer Journey Mapping
Customer Experience
Content Strategy
Webinars and Online Events
SOP Creation
Reporting & Data Analysis
Membership Management
Course Creation



Online tools & systems:

Google Suite