Karen Cisnero

Karen Cisnero

Certified Since:: January 2020

Expert Overview

I help service-based CEOs go from working 60-80 hours a week to less than 30 hours per week while running a profitable 7-figure business by building scalable systems and managing their teams.


Do you wish you can step away from the backend of your online business?

Most visionary entrepreneurs lose their time and sanity because they juggle too many responsibilities in the business.

Perhaps you've hired several contractors/employees in your team...

But you feel as though you're the only one thinking about how to grow your business to the next level

And now you're spending more time MANAGING rather than

✔︎ Creating more content to give you more visibility and drive more sales to your business
✔︎ Serving your clients to ensure that they get the transformation you promised
✔︎ Making more impact in the lives of your audience as you set an example of the lifestyle they wish they have

You know you are spread too thin and can use some help

But the last thing you would want to do is train someone else.⁣

It seems a lot of work and demands a lot of time. ⁣

If you only have someone who can hit the ground running and has the expertise in managing and driving people to perform so you can focus more on serving and less managing.

Well, as a Certified Online Business Manager, it is my job to ensure that my clients can take a step back and their business continues to operate without them overseeing everything using a proven & tested framework called PTT.

PTT simply means Pass The Torch.

So if you're ready to TRULY delegate to your team and simplify your processes, so you can realize your full potential while simultaneously scaling your business to 7 figures and beyond then

Book a call here to let me know where you're at and what you want to accomplish:


Let me help you reclaim your time and sanity!

Skills & Training:

Online Business Management
Systems Slay Masterclass
Product Launch Formula
Kwik Reading Program
Kwik Recall Program
Funnel Mastery by Digital Marketers



Online tools & systems:

➜ Thinkific
➜ Kajabi
➜ Teachable
➜ Clickup
➜ Asana
➜ Trello
➜ Monday.com
➜ Zoom
➜ Gotowebinar
➜ Salesforce
➜ Hubspot
➜ Agile CRM
➜ Mailerlite
➜ Active Campaign
➜ Wordpress
➜ Wave Apps accounting
➜ Quickbooks
➜ Freshbooks
➜ Harvest
➜ Toggl
➜ Approvalmax
➜ Peoplehr
➜ Gmail
➜ Google calendar
➜ Google drive
➜ Dropbox
➜ Box
➜ Slack
➜ Linkedin
➜ Facebook group/page
➜ Lastpass
➜ Dashlane
➜ Dubsado