Julia Pamela Tallering

Julia Pamela Tallering

Certified Since:: 2/2023


Are you a business owner who does not need the day-to-day work of an OBM and only needs specific projects done for you within a certain time? Do you also need someone to check in with you monthly on the progress of your business? That is what I can offer you.
• Launch plan which includes 90-minute discussion of what you want to launch and discussion of your business.
• 90-day plan with follow up every 30 days on how the 90-day plan is going
• Metrics review. This is only offered if everything has been tracked over a long period of time so that noticing patterns can be done which can give you valuable information regarding how your business is doing and what may be able to be improved.
• Making a recommendation-Is there a tool or a program etc that you are thinking of using in your business and you aren’t sure if it is a good idea and if it is a good idea, how to implement it in your business to get the ball rolling? In that session, we discuss what you would like to have, how you feel it would benefit the business, what your budget is. I will have another meeting with the team about their ideas around implementing this recommendation if it falls on their workload. Leave the rest to me.

Skills & Training:

Certified OBM Training. I also am going to do a Management Consulting course, as well, because I want to bring consulting work into what I do to help you even more.



Online tools & systems:

Will be adding soon