Julia Pamela Tallering

Julia Pamela Tallering

Certified Since:: 2023


Hi, I am Julia. People describe me as: Detail oriented, I go all in, guide, systems oriented, leader, thorough, analyzer, driven, straightforward, compassionate, caring, knowledgeable, and influential. I work with business owners who are coaches in the health and wellness sector. As a business owner, you have a lot happening. You are managing your team, providing your clients with transformation through your services or products and continually making sure they are experiencing transformative positive results, constantly looking for clients, helping clients with self improvement, constantly looking at revenue, and trying to keep up with your own everyday life. It is A LOT of work!
Here is where I come in and how I can help you:
Team management-I know how to manage people well and know how to get to the bottom of a problem and solve it so that you are not stressed out.
Systems-I am a natural at systems. I can figure out a system and make a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). People who know me well know that I LOVE learning systems and I tend to do a deep dive into them to understand how a system works. This translates to me creating a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which basically means a guide for how to do something. This helps so that when someone is absent who normally does that work, someone else can step in to take care of it without anyone worrying about the work not getting done. It also means everyone else knows how to work with a system because of the instructions there, so if a team member leaves the business, someone else on the team or a new person can pick up the work. Yes, I would be the one taking on the systems or I would delegate it to an expert on that system that's part of the team that can handle doing that task.
Strategy-I LOVE strategy. I look at what happened in the past to see what did not work and look at what did work. Then, I do more of what did work. If we absolutely have to work on what did not work because there is no other choice, I also create a strategy to figure out another way to do to work on what did not work. This means we have a way to tackle working on something.
Guide-One of my passions is in guiding people which translates to when deadlines should be, who should be doing what, and what someone needs to be doing to maximize efficiency. I LOVE doing that because I believe in working smarter not harder! This would be something I would take on. Being able to guide your team while you work on what you do best, would be a great collaboration!
Metrics-I have an eye for looking at the numbers to know what questions to ask to see what we should change to grow the business. This translates to possibly doing more of something, less of something, or we should do something in a different way which I am happy to give suggestions on if asked.
Research-I have so much experience with doing research because of school and I am ALWAYS researching something. I normally go down the rabbit hole and that helps to make a recommendation to you that you may need for your business if your looking for a new tool, for example. I will figure out the more appropriate tool for you to use.

Besides this, I have 10 years of experience in the healthcare/mental health industry by working in New York and Massachusetts in person and Arizona remotely. I have had to manage teams, guide, come up with strategies, as well. I also have retail experience. Therefore, I understand that it is important to know how important clients and customers are and keeping them happy, understanding how to guide people in a way that maximizes efficiency, understanding how much services and products should be priced is invaluable to make sure revenue comes in while keeping customers/clients happy, keeping the team from being overwhelmed and giving each team member the work that they are an expert in and what they agreed to do, and finally just as important as everything else making sure the business owner (THAT'S YOU!) has time to focus on what they need to focus on. So, I understand what it means to provide value and keeping people happy with the services or products you provide.

If you need an OBM, please reach out to me so we can get started.
My email is juliatobm@gmail.com.
I look forward to hearing from you and working together!

Skills & Training:

Certified OBM Training, Management Consulting Essential Training, Mini MBA-Foundations of Business Strategy Consulting.

Graduate school: Studied Mental Health Counseling, Marital and Family Therapy, Professional Clinical Counseling. I decided to do Online Business Management work instead of doing therapy.
Awards: Presidential Member of the National Society of Leadership and Success

Undergraduate: Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Also studied Special Education, English, and Education
Awards: Dean's List, Psi Chi: National Honor Society in Psychology.



Online tools & systems:

Google suite, Canva, Microsoft office products, Dropbox, Microsoft Outlook, Zoom, Teams, Calendly, Youtube.