Jana Birnaz

Jana Birnaz

Certified Since:: October 2020

Expert Overview

Hello, and pleased to meet you! If you are a Visionary Business Owner and find yourself in a situation of uncertainty, chaos, you don't know what to do next or how to do it; I might be of help to you.
I am taking the Integrator’s role, a trusted partner to Visionary Business Owners. You, as a Visionary - see the future; and me as an Integrator - make it happen.

I get a great fortune and privilege to help liberate Visionaries from the shackles of the day-to-day tasks so that they can unleash their creativity and do what they do best!

One of my primary tasks is helping grow-oriented business owners sort through the noise, get clarity on what's working & what's not, and make data-driven decisions. I aim to "translate" the numbers & data, create meaning and simplicity from them, as well as communicate a point of view about how the numbers will support the Visionary business owner in making an informed strategic decision.

Another critical task is keeping the team focused on reaching the goals, delivering excellent or product service, keeping clients happy.

How I help you:
- Conduct a Deep Dive Business Audit to help you understand your numbers. Find Profit Drivers,
Risks, and Opportunities.
- Create Dashboards to make it easy to draw powerful insights and make data-driven decisions.
- Develop a Critical Client Flow, Workflow, Systems.
- Create a 90-day Strategic Plan to support profitable growth and positive cash flow; and, actually,
implement it!

Five Perspectives I can help you analyze and manage:
- Sales and Marketing
- Finance
- Internal Processes
- Team
- Leadership

I am a Systems Thinker & Problem Solver.
Deeply interested in psychology and the ways I can apply it to help you reach your goals.

Skills & Training:

Google Analytics
Business Analysis Fundamentals
Corporate Finance Institute: Introduction to Business Intelligence
Microsoft Power BI Desktop for Business Intelligence
Introduction to Business Analytics 2020
Data Analytics


English, French, Russian, Romanian, Spanish

Online tools & systems:

Acuity Scheduler
Power BI
Zoho Analytics