Hazel Platino

Hazel Platino

Certified Since:: May 2024

Expert Overview

Are you an owner of a 6 to 7-figure business who often juggles multiple roles and you find yourself tired, frustrated and overwhelmed and you feel that you are at the brink of burnout?
I can help you regain control, streamline your operations and provide strategic support.
As an Online Business Manager with nearly 20 years of experience in marketing—including market research, strategy, planning, execution, and project management, I bring a comprehensive skill set to support your business needs. I thrive in blending sharp analysis with creative thinking to develop agile solutions that drive success. My strength lies in observing and understanding new situations quickly, then implementing thoughtful, innovative strategies without seeking the limelight.
Identify Business Objectives that will drive significant business growth.
Craft Marketing Strategies that are not only creative but also deeply resonate with target audiences because they are based on a thorough understanding of market dynamics and consumer behavior, and these strategies are aligned with your business goals.
I am a big fan of Ryan Deiss from Digital Marketer and I have 10 of their internationally recognized certifications in Digital Marketing Strategy, Conversion Funnel, Copywriting, Search Marketing, Analytics and Data, Email Marketing, Ecommerce, Content Marketing, Social Media, Paid Traffic, and Optimization & Testing.
Drive The Digital Marketing Team, with my 10 years experience dedicated to digital marketing, managing the team, and the use of AI like chatgpt and marketing automations, I can efficiently manage your marketing department.
My leadership style is both collaborative and mindful. I may call the shots but I ensure that every team member’s voice is heard and valued by prioritizing open communication. By practicing empathy and staying present in interactions, I build strong relationships and create a supportive environment where everyone feels respected, inspired and motivated to contribute their best.
Launch Planning & Execution, I take the stress out of launch planning and execution allowing you to focus on other areas of the business.
Transform Product or Program Launches into Evergreen Funnels to ensure sustained business growth. With evergreen offers, long-term revenue is optimized.
Create and Improve Marketing Systems and Procedures ensuring your operations run smoothly, efficiently, and consistently deliver outstanding results.
Optimize Marketing Metrics and Funnels, tracking and analyzing key marketing metrics ensures that campaigns are both effective and efficient, driving better results over time.
Let me handle the complexities of your marketing and business operations so you can focus on what you do best and enjoy a more balanced work-life dynamic.
Let's hop in a brief discussion and see how we can work together.
You may also email me at hazel.platino@gmail.com and connect with me in Linkedin.

Skills & Training:

- Certified Online Business Manager by IAOBM
- I am certified by Digital Marketer in these areas:
Digital Marketing Mastery
Conversion Funnel Mastery
Copywriting Mastery
Analytics and Data Mastery
Search Marketing Mastery
Email Marketing Mastery
Ecommerce Marketing Mastery
Content Marketing Mastery
Social Media Mastery
Paid Traffic Mastery
Optimization & Testing Mastery
- Ultimate Growth Marketers Dashboard Training by Digital Marketer
- Sell With A Story Workshop by Digital Marketer & Donald Miller
- Profitable Promotions from Scratch Workshop by Digital Marketer
- Architect A Marketing Blitz Launch Workshop by Digital Marketer
- Nurture a Loyal Customer Base with a “Value-Driven” Email Newsletter Worshop by Digital Marketer
- Craft a High-Converting Homepage Workshop by Digital Marketer
- Project Management Professional Course by VMedu
- Lean 6-sigma Yellow Belt Training by 6-sigmaPH


English, Filipino

Online tools & systems:

- Basecamp, Asana, Teamwork, Click Up
- Click Funnels, Infusionsoft / Keap, Hubspot, Kajabi, Wordpress
- Mailchimp, Aweber, Earnware, Ontraport,
- Funnelytics
- Draw.io
- Bucket.io
- GA 4, Google Tag Manager
- Google Adwords
- Meta Ads
- Google workspace
- Zapier
- Calendly, Zoom, Addevent
- cyfe, swydo
- SEMRush
- Canva