Galia Tsioni

Galia Tsioni

Certified Since:: 2019


I'm a OBM & Strategic Advisor for visionary business owners - typically online course creators, and coaches. I untangle your thoughts, goals and needs and help you strategically achieve them. I specialize in: OPERATIONS, MARKETING & PRODUCT SUITE DEVELOPMENT
Operations: team building, team optimization, systems
Marketing: I'm an experienced digital marketer with lots of experience running ads, building funnels & launching.
Product Suite Development: Helping you build or optimize digital programs & courses

In addition to the practical, as we both know, business is a mental game! Together we will work through any mental blocks and mindset issues holding you and your business back from its true potential.


"Galia is the lifeblood of any growing online business. If you're looking for solid gold in someone who can anticipate and deliver, Galia is the best there is. She's helped clients scale to 7 figures, reduce busywork and get the right people on board when you need them. She's a strategist and vision-builder, not to mention an amazing human!"

"Galia has made me feel so supported in my business, from helping me organize my brain so I could separate out what I should be doing from what I shouldn't be doing to helping me start to get ahead in my business, now there are no fires to put out. I now have much more TIME."

"would 100% recommend you to work with Galia, she is wicked smart and has a ton of experience in the consulting, agency, coaching industries. She already knows the systems needed so there is less upfront nitty gritty needed. And to top if off she is so easy to work with, kind, positive, and a can-do attitude. I had not invested in a contractor at this caliber before. I wasn't sure if the ROI would benefit me. But the tools, templates and new hires have made it BEYOND worth every penny. My time has been freed up."

"The time I have saved from working with her and the processes now implemented have convinced me Galia is worth every cent and why we continue to work together. Like the typical entrepreneur, I get overwhelmed by my many ideas and having to do them perfectly. Galia pulls me off all tasks that the team can do so I can be laser focused on the things I do best. And then she supports me by being a kind accountability partner by removing all the things that sidetrack me so the pressure is off. It makes running the business much more enjoyable."


Skills & Training:

MBA in Entrepreneurship
OBM since 2016, certified since 2019


Native English, Fluent Hebrew

Online tools & systems:

Tech won't be a problem... I've worked in a large variety of each of the different systems you likely use or need - project management tool, email marketing tool, CRM, course platforms, membership platforms, automation tools, etc.