Estefania Montoya

Estefania Montoya

Certified Since:: 05/2023


Are you feeling overwhelmed by the relentless demands of running your business? Are your ambitious plans suffocated by a lack of time? Are you constantly extinguishing fires instead of building the empire of your dreams?

I'd love to help!

As a mission-driven business leader and seasoned entrepreneur, I have a proven track record of driving growth and profitability. Specializing in operational efficiency and strategic planning, I have led organizations and built a thriving manufacturing and distribution business. I understand the crucial importance of effective strategies, streamlined operations, and harnessing the power of digital platforms to maximize your organization's reach and impact.

Now, it's your turn to achieve those same remarkable results! Let me guide you on a transformative journey where you regain control of your precious time. Together, we'll free you from the shackles of endless tasks, allowing you to focus on your true strengths as a leader and unlock your boundless potential. It's time to step back into your zone of genius and lead your organization to unparalleled success!

» Syncing Vision and Strategy: Collaborative Planning for Business Triumph
We will create strategic plans together that are suited to your business objectives. I'll work closely with you to make sure that your vision and strategies are in sync so that each step you take moves your company in the direction you want it to go.

» Team Building and Project Management: Maximizing Growth Potential Together
Building and managing your team becomes increasingly important as your business grows. I will assist you with project management, communication, and team building. I'll organize your team's efforts, facilitate easy communication, and make sure everyone is striving for the same objective.

» Unlocking Efficiency: Streamlined Systems and Smart Solutions for Optimal Business Performance
Do you feel like your business isn't the most efficient it can be? I’ll start by identifying areas for improvement and then implement streamlined systems and processes. We will use the latest technologies and automation tools, so you and your team work smarter and get better results.

» From Plan to Progress: Executing and Monitoring Success
Its one thing to create a plan, its another thing to execute on that plan! I will work with you and your team to make sure progress is being made towards the goals we have set. I'll make certain that the right things are measured, and I'll keep an eye on the metrics that tell us where we stand.

Let's unlock your potential, streamline operations, and cultivate a harmonious work environment that nurtures success at every level.

Skills & Training:

• International Association of Online Business Managers: Certified Online Business Manager
• Universidad del Externado: Certificate in Corporate Governance
• Universidad del Norte: Master’s in Public Health
• The George Washington University: BA in International Affairs, Minor in Business Administration

• Operations management
• Strategic Planning
• Project Management
• Process Development and Automatization
• Launch Planning and Management
• Team Management
• Metrics Tracking
• Time Management
• Effective communication, bilingual
• Empathetic and effective leadership


English, Spanish

Being bilingual and bicultural, fluent in both English and Spanish, I understand the value of effective communication in today's interconnected world. I am adept at bridging cultural gaps and ensuring that your organization's message resonates with diverse audiences. This linguistic and cultural versatility enables me to support your business in reaching new markets and expanding your impact on a global scale.

Online tools & systems:

I have developed a strong proficiency in various online tools and systems commonly used in the business landscape. I am well-versed in leveraging these platforms to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. Furthermore, I possess a natural ability to quickly learn and adapt to new technologies and tools, allowing me to swiftly pick up unfamiliar systems. Whether it's familiarizing myself with established platforms or embracing novel tools, I am always eager to expand my knowledge and skill set. By continuously staying informed and adaptable, I am committed to optimizing your business operations and achieving outstanding results.