Erika Biesenthal

Erika Biesenthal

Certified Since:: December/2013

Expert Overview

I am a self proclaimed online Small Business Junkie. I live-eat-breathe this world. Since I think it is the absolute best place for growth and self actualization for anyone who has the guts and puts in the work - I help make it a profitable long term reality for them! Since money is the blood of all businesses, I focus on helping entrepreneurs in the service industry take control of their money. If you are struggling with cashflow, getting stressed out at tax time, robbing Peter to pay Paul, frustrated with the time it takes to keep your accountant happy ... I welcome you to contact me so we can discuss how to reduce your money stress.

Skills & Training:

Professional Engineer
Certified QuickBooks Proadvisor
Certified Online Business Manager


English, Swedish

Online tools & systems:

QuickBooks Online and Desktop, HubDoc, Microsoft Office products, Agile CRM, Xero, Wave