Emily Renda

Emily Renda

Certified Since:: 8/22

Expert Overview

I’m Emily Renda, an inclusive operations strategist in every sense of the word. I believe in equity and inclusion, environmentalism, and anti-corporatism. They’re at the core of why I run my business the way I do.

My approach to your operations is inclusive too. I get to know you and your unique business, then intuitively design an entire operations strategy based on your pain points and goals. We’ll streamline processes from finance to customer experience so you can get back to working in your zone of genius.

Your business isn’t just about profit—it’s also born of passion. My clients consider themselves passionate trailblazers in their fields. They often work in evolving areas like the arts, mental health, food, and sustainability. More importantly, they prioritize ethical practices in running their businesses and have a strong sense of connection to their communities. Whether you make ceramics, cook bone broth, or sell eco-friendly yoga mats (all examples of real past clients!), here’s my promise to you:

I’ll help your business run smoothly so that you’re free to spend less time on backend operations and more time increasing your positive impact. When we work together, I get to know who you are and use a mix of intuition and expertise to guide my recommendations. There are no “one size fits all” ops solutions here.

Services offered:
Project management
Event management
Client experience improvement and automation - from soup to nuts or just one aspect like onboarding
Launch strategy and support
Full systems audit and maintenance
Course or membership build outs
CRM set up
Project management tool set up
Sales/landing page creation for launch

I believe in…

Empowering women and members of marginalized communities.

Empowering groups that have been historically marginalized in business and our general culture.

Supporting business owners who use their talents and resources to better their own communities or the world at large.

The importance of opportunities for marginalized groups to showcase their talents and impact our culture at large.

My core business values:

Inclusivity – In my business, I strive to provide equal access to my services for all, with a particular awareness around culturally and economically marginalized groups, as well as businesses that support these communities.

Approachability – I’m here for you. You don’t have to fit into some sort of mold to be in my space, and I’m happy to come into your space and meet you where you are.

Collaboration – I believe that connection is a salve in the entrepreneurial world where people are “supposed” to be lone wolves. I come in saying, “We’re a team! We do this together!”

Integrity – I have a strong sense of ethics. It’s important to me that I practice what I preach and act in alignment with my beliefs.

Commitment – Whether you’re a family member, friend, or client, you know that I’m committed to our relationship and what we’re doing together if you're in my space.

Passion – I’m personally passionate about helping people who are doing good in the world, and I look for clients who are passionate about whatever it is they’re doing too!

Skills & Training:

OBM since 2/21, Certified OBM since 8/22
Master of Public Health in Health Behavior and Health Education
Over 15 years of operations experience in higher education, logistics, finance and tech startups


English, some Spanish

Online tools & systems:

I consider myself software agnostic; meaning I’ll never force you into using one specific program, like Dubsado, for example. What works for one business model or learning style could stifle another. Instead, we’ll let your unique goals determine the tools we use. I've had experience with many different project management tools, email marketing tools, CRMs, course platforms, membership platforms, automation tools, etc. and willing to try out more.