Dori Tattrie

Dori Tattrie

Certified Since:: June 2011

Expert Overview

As your VP of Everything I make sure your business runs smoothly so that you can focus on serving clients, making a difference, and of course, making MONEY!

I partner with successful entrepreneurs to create profitable, sustainable, enjoyable online businesses.

Always with your vision top of mind, I oversee all daily operations from project and team management to systems and metrics.

I have a particular love for, and plenty of experience, managing live events (in-person & virtual).

Planning, task lists and due dates make me happy. I am extremely reliable, have incredible stamina for hard work, and I am all about getting things DONE.

Skills & Training:

My background is in operations management & team leadership. I have a Bachelor's Degree, a Certificate in Business Administration, 10 years of on the job experience as Certified Online Business Manager, plus various courses and trainings on leadership, marketing, copywriting, finance and strategy.

Knowledge is one of my core values so I am consistently digging into personal & professional development.



Online tools & systems:

Infusionsoft | Kajabi | Thinkific | ClickFunnels | Leadpages | Wordpress |
Woo Commerce | Squarespace | Teamwork | Asana | Basecamp | LastPass | Zapier | Typeform | libsyn | Zoom | Go To Webinar | Slack | Voxer | Appointment Core | YouCanBook.Me | Acuity | Calendly | Fix Your Funnel | Mailchimp | AWeber | Agile | PayPal | Stripe | Google Suite