Charmaine Mill

Charmaine Mill

Certified Since:: 11/2023

Expert Overview

Is the stress of running your business making you second guess starting a business?
Have you lost focus on what your original vision/mission was?
You know you need help but have no idea what sort of help you need?
You need someone with a magic wand to come in and figure it all out and get you back on track!!!
TA DA!!!!! Here I am, ready, willing and able!

You want someone to magically take on the daily operations, ensure that all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed, plans are put in place, deadlines set, progress tracked and challenges solved. Tell me all about the dreams you have for your business and let me put together a strategy on how to get us there, who we need on our journey and what we need to do when along the way. Your focus is all the stuff you love to do, or you could actually take that time to pick up the kids from school, read a book a week or scroll through those funny cat videos!
I have 30+ years of corporate and admin support experience across various roles (Personal Assistant, Executive Assistant, Key Account Assistant, Event Manager, Procurement Manager, Logistics Manager, Supply Chain Management, Operations Manager) and industries (retail, wholesale, FMCG, Construction, manufacturing, travel, CMT) which allows me to think a little differently. My focus is always on what is best for the business, how can we do things efficiently and effectively and where can we improve along the way. I have also run my own event management and corporate branding business, so I have experience on both sides of the fence and understand some of the challenges a business owner faces.
The proactive approach suits me better than the reactive approach, so although we will have to start with putting out fires (extinguishers at the ready), the goal is to get to a stage where we use systems and processes to ensure consistency, professionalism and efficiency when we interact with our clients and our team.

Skills & Training:

Project Management / Launch Management / Team Leadership / Strategy / Planning / Research /
KPI setting, tracking and analysis / Operations Management / Problem Solving / SOP Creation and Management


English is my first language but since I am South African, I can also speak Afrikaans. I have a basic knowledge of French and Chinese and can understand but not speak a little Dutch, German and Italian.

Online tools & systems:

There are so many wonderful tools and systems available these days. Many do the same thing but in a slightly different way. Over the years I have had to adapt to many different tools and most of it has been a dive in the deep end, sink or swim scenario for me.
There are many variations of the same thing, ie project management can be done in Asana, Trello, Jira, Microsoft To Do or a number of other tools. There are a range of CRM tools on the market including Hubspot, Dubsado, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, etc.
There is no right or wrong tool, although some people do have a personal preference, but we can adapt to anything that works for your business.