Cassandra Comeau

Cassandra Comeau

Certified Since:: May 2021

Expert Overview

Hey there! 👋 I'm Cassandra Comeau, a Web & Funnel Building aficionado, Tech Integration Specialist, and Certified Online Business Manager (OBM). I thrive on connecting with fellow entrepreneurs, especially you 6-figure coaches, course creators, and digital marketers. 🤓👩‍💻 My mission? To make your tech tools work for you, not against you.

As a pro in using platforms like WordPress and Go High Level, I'm all about simplifying and automating your business processes. The goal? To scale with ease and inject some joy into your online journey. 🌐

With my Certified OBM status, I bring a strategic approach to managing and optimizing your business operations. This certification equips me with the skills to support entrepreneurs in systematizing their processes, ensuring that your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

I understand the overwhelm tech can bring (especially for my introverted friends out there!) and I'm here to lighten that load with practical, quality support. 🛠️

Let's connect, share insights, and grow together with a good laugh or two along the way. After all, business is serious, but who says it can't be fun? 😄 #TechGuru #WebAndFunnelMaster #ScaleWithEase

Skills & Training:

Online Business Management
Business Management - Human Resources (Sir Sandford Fleming College)
GeekPack/WP RockStar Training

I am passionate about systems and automating what is possible to create efficiencies to give back time to better focus on other aspects of your business. My background consists of Email Marketing, Social Media Management, Launch Management, and Systems Overviews. My Human Resources training allows me to understand the training and support of team members to enrich and grow your business culture.



Online tools & systems:

My Skills are tied to Website/Funnel & Launching primarily: Go High Level, Wordpress, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Adobe, Social Bee, Marky.AI and so many more!