Cassandra Comeau

Cassandra Comeau

Certified Since:: May 2021


As an OBM, I take pride in working your business as my own. My focus is related to Launches, Social Media, and System Reviews.

I'm here to help you and your business succeed by taking tasks off your plate that distract you from the reason you started your business... as this was why I started mine!

Skills & Training:

Online Business Management
Business Management - Human Resources (Sir Sandford Fleming College)

I have developed my digital skills starting out as a Virtual Assistant and growing into an OBM role. My background consists of: Email Marketing, Social Media Management, Launch Management and Systems Overviews. My Human Resources training allows me to understand the training and support of team members.



Online tools & systems:

Google Suite, Microsoft Suite, Adobe Suite, CRM, Hootsuite, Meet Edgar, Podia, Social Bee, Metricool amongst others.