Ava Guidry

Ava Guidry

Certified Since:: August 2023


Welcome Business Owner! You’re the #1 in your business and I’m so happy you’re looking for a #2! I’m a great #2! As an OBM I love working with owners, especially in the beauty industry, who need help taking daily operations and team management off their plate so it can be filled with whatever drives you!

I enjoy when there are systems in place and when my teams know the what, when, where, and how for their job! Giving teams clarity helps owners think less about holding it all together and more about their purpose and roll in their business.

Let me help bring back your WHY, your focus, and your vision and we can grow together.

Skills & Training:

Operations management
Team management
Project management
Systems analysis and efficiency
Launch planning



Online tools & systems:

Greenway EMR
ModMed EMR
Jonas systems