Andrea Swinson

Andrea Swinson

Certified Since:: February 2022


I bring 7 years of experience in the online world to provide a strong customer service and marketing mindset, and stellar online business strategy and support, for my clients. I help business owners optimize their strategy, systems and organization to make more impact + money with less overwhelm. Reverse engineering goals - from the big-picture down to the nitty gritty details - is totally my jam. I am currently offering both retainer services and "OBM for a day" VIP days. If you are looking for an OBM who understands what it's like to be a business owner, let's connect!

I spent the last 7 years building and growing niche eCommerce businesses. I have a strong background in Shopify set-up and optimization and Etsy SEO. I am passionate about marketing strategies, project management, stellar copy, and story-based brand development. I have managed both virtual and in-person teams, and have never met a tech program or platform that I cannot learn.

I spent over a decade in education, first as an elementary teacher and then as a program coordinator for Wilfrid Laurier University’s Faculty of Education. I managed the external community programs for the Faculty and liaised with community partners. I primarily coordinated the educational camp programming for gifted and highly able children, which involved planning programming, conducting teacher + volunteer hiring, providing customer service, and managing the day-to-day operation of the camp programs. Incidentally, I also know 101 ways to keep people busy with only popsicle sticks, tape, and markers.

I can be found here in Canada hiking, swimming, reading past my bedtime and quoting "The Office". I have been an extra in a Bollywood film, driven around the perimeter of Australia in a campervan, and self-published a children’s book. Believe me, after scuba diving with sharks, jumping out of an airplane, and raising toddlers, not much fazes me.

Skills & Training:

eCommerce strategy
Story-based brand development
Etsy + Shopify set-up and optimization
Project management
Team hiring + management
SOP creation
Online Business Management Certification
Bachelor of Education
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology



Online tools & systems:

Facebook Business Manager + Suite

...and the list keeps growing, since I keep learning!
I have yet to meet a tech program or platform that I can't learn.