Certified OBM Showcase

Meet members of our Certified OBM® community and hear their stories - why they became an OBM, what they've learned along the way and how becoming an OBM has impacted their life.

brought to you by Tina Forsyth & the International Association of Online Business Managers

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Bev Asllanaj

www.eGrowthAlly.com - Certified June 2015

“Before I came into the OBM world, I was working as an area manager for a restaurant trade. I had always had an entrepreneurial spirit wanted to get into working online. I started off as a VA and built up a skill set over a period of about three years. When I learned about OBM Certification, I realized that this was a way to gain recognition and credibility for the skills that I had and be able to have the confidence to go out and get higher end clients.”

Yanique Bedward

www.AnsarVirtualServices.com - Certified February 2019

“Like many people, I spent years working in corporate at a bank. It was not in alignment with who I was at all. When I left there, I started working in a higher level admin type role. And as soon as I had my first son, I decided I wanted to work from home. I started my business as a tech VA in 2016 and became a Certified OBM a few years later. OBM Certification allowed me to challenge myself and step into a leadership role with my clients. I can now go into a client’s business knowing exactly how I need to do things versus figuring things out as I go along… It feels really amazing when you see that your clients recognize the value you provide.”

Erica Bell

www.TheVirtualOfficeWhisperer.com - Certified January 2018

“I was always in operations and administration, and in 2010 I got downsized. I had already started looking at the virtual space and decided to start a VA business. A few years into my business I found your website and started following the OBM community. One thing that resonated with me was that it was a way to take my operations background and use it online. At a certain point I realized I had reached a plateau with my own level of development and it was time to invest in myself - to take my business to the next level. I decided to invest (in OBM Certification Training) and even though it felt scary at the time, without a doubt it has led me to where I am today."

Yoluanda Brown

www.MagnoliaandIvyConsulting.com - Certified April 2020

“After getting my MBA I spent years in corporate marketing & consulting. When my oldest was born I decided to be a stay-at-home, homeschool mom, which I did for about 10 years. As my kids got older, I decided I really want to do something on my own and started working as a virtual assistant. I wanted to share my skills, and I did that for 2-3 years. Then I heard the term OBM and I thought, ‘That's what I am!’ I knew that I wanted to do something at a higher, more strategic level, because that's me. That was my background. That was my training. And that was my experience. I knew I had more to give than just handling the admin side of things.”

Monique Cunningham

www.MoniqueCunningham.com - Certified April 2020

“I have a background in PR. As a mom I wanted to be home with my kids so 10 years ago I opened my virtual systems practice and became a certified virtual assistant. Then I came upon the OBM book and I knew this is this is what I'm called to do - what I'm supposed to be doing. Being an OBM is who I was created to be.”

Lara Endorf

www.ExcelerateOBM.com - Certified June 2016

“I started my business 10 years ago as a VA. As time went by my clients would ask for more and more help... I listened to what they needed, and it led me to the OBM path and then becoming certified as an OBM. As an OBM there is so much room for creativity in how you run your business, how you plan your day, and the clients you choose.”

Ngahuia Galligan

www.HarnessOBM.com - Certified January 2020

“I have a sales and marketing career that spans 25 years and five different countries, so quite a breadth of experience in different industries. I have also worked in tourism, events and corporate management training. The first half of my career was corporate for the second half I've been working online for 12 years now. Certification has given me credibility, taught me best practices, how the industry works, what expectations are and how things are done. I really love being part of the community as well and always learning new things, new tools and technology to support my clients.”

Ashley Haas

www.AshleyHaas.co - Certified July 2019

“I was a project manager in construction for 12 years and when I had kids I knew that I really needed to step away from the time commitment. So, I purchased and ran a small franchise for five years and also did some small business coaching, but I got bored because I missed being 'in' the business. When people in my circle kept bringing up that I should go the OBM route I decided to look into it and realized that this was where I should be. What I like most is taking a business that has that chaotic feel and applying my skills and expertise to make a positive change in the day to day of the business. Easing the stress of the business owner and allowing them to step back and breathe is so rewarding. I really like being able to say, 'Hey, we got this, we can do this together. Let's figure out your goals and make it happen.'”

Karen Kamenwa

www.RoyalOnlineBusinessSolutions.com - Certified March 2014

“If you are bored in your work, listen to yourself and honor where you are… you're being called to something else and it most likely means that it's time for you to make a shift. Honor that, take the leap and I promise you; you will not regret it.”

Carolyn O'Brien

www.CarolynOBrienOBM.com - Certified April 2019

“I worked in corporate for about nine years, working in advertising technology software, operations management and partnership development. I worked for small startups, and I worked for a huge public corporation. I saw a wide range of different corporate environments. While I learned a ton, at some point I realized that I didn't want to compete in the corporate market. I had always wanted to start my own business in some capacity but wasn't sure what that would look like. A Google search let me to the OBM world and Tina's book - I read the book and discovered that a lot of my strengths and corporate skills aligned very well with becoming an OBM... having the certification just made me even more confident in what I am able to offer clients.”

Kristi Pavlik

www.Adonai-llc.com - Certified April 2020

“I've been working online already for years and I knew I already had the skill set of an OBM. The certification validated what I already knew, taught me how to do the work I was already doing more efficiently and gave me access to a higher level of client.”

Lenica Stephen

www.InteractiveBoss.com - Certified August 2017

“I was a project manager in a large company with over 15 years of corporate experience, and I was hitting a wall career wise. I knew there was more out there for me and when I found the OBM world I knew that was it. Being an OBM is about leading, not just doing the tactical stuff. It's about being the driver and not just the doer. That was so in my wheelhouse. My experience as an OBM has brought me into learning, accepting, and working in my superpower.”

Michael Stetina

www.OBMSquared.com - Certified December 2012

Prior to becoming certified, I worked for six years as a self-directed virtual assistant... I would do whatever my clients asked of me. But at the end of the day, it became frustrating because I didn't feel like I had a real direction. That’s what the OBM certification program brought me more than anything else. It not only gave me the confidence to know that there was a specific direction for somebody like me, but within the program and subsequent to the program, it's really helped me narrow into my niche as a tech manager/expert.”

Your Host

Tina Forsyth
Founder of the International Association of Online Business Managers

After starting her own coaching business in 2000, Tina quickly came to see the need to partner visionaries with high-level support. With her natural ability to bring both strategy and implementation to the table, Tina began working with 6 to 7-figure leaders within the coaching industry to help manage and grow their businesses, and thus, the role of the Online Business Manager (OBM) was born.  

As the demand for high-level support continued to rise, she shifted her focus from being the OBM to training OBMs and founded the International Association of Online Business Managers in 2008 — the home of the Certified OBM® Training. In the 10+ years since its inception, the OBM industry has become established as a key role on the team of fast-growing online and virtual based businesses.  

Tina continues to work with visionaries and business leaders to align their business with their calling, and to create the container of support they need to expand into their full potential.