Meet our Certified OBM® Trainers

Your first step to becoming a Certified OBM® is to complete the training offered by one of our accredited Certified OBM Training Partners. Click here to learn more about becoming a Certified OBM® and the Certified OBM® designation.

Each of the amazing ladies below is specially chosen and trained to offer the Certified OBM Training program – click through to their websites for more information and dates of their next training session.

Meet our Certified OBM® Trainers

Amanda Hyde-Pierce 

Amanda is our newest Certified OBM® Trainer having started her online business in 2018 after 25 years of working in corporate supporting leaders in the legal, medical, and financial sectors. Based in the UK, Amanda has grown her own online business into a global business support agency.  Crediting the IAOBM as the leading all-round authority in training and supporting world class OBMs, and for being instrumental in helping her build her own business to global level, Amanda says “the next natural step for me was to train and support others to help them achieve their version of success through the same Certified OBM® Program.”

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“Amanda has extensive knowledge and a wealth of experience… she has always made me feel completely comfortable, helping me to grow and expand my skills to push [me] to the next level.”

~ Kayleigh Brown

Keldie Jamieson  

Keldie Jamieson started her online business in 2009 offering project, operations, and financial management, business startup, marketing, and event services. She blended over 30 years of corporate expertise with online business management training to become a Certified OBM® in 2011. As a Certified OBM® Trainer, Keldie is now training and mentoring others to transition their corporate world experience into a successful business and career.

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"In 2019, I made the decision to transition from my 20+ year career in corporate to an entrepreneurial role. After a brief Zoom chat with Keldie, I was convinced that being an Online Business Manager was the right move for me. I immediately signed up for the training and subsequently passed my certification with flying colors. In fact, I was able to secure a full-time client before I even graduated!"

~ Aimee Accinno, Certified OBM®

Shar Langin

As a Certified OBM® since 2010, Shar has helped hundreds of purpose driven women launch and grow successful freedom based businesses online.  As a Certified OBM® Trainer, she uses her extensive online experience to deliver a proven road-map for launching and growing a lucrative 6-figure OBM business from scratch without having to sacrifice freedom, flexibility or family life - all from the comfort of your own home.

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"This program was a big leap for me. I went from the corporate world, to being an entrepreneur, to being a mom who took 2 years off of work, only to try to figure out what was next. When I discovered this program, everyone in my life thought I was crazy or just didn't get it. I am so glad I took this leap. I can't say enough about my experience. I've gotten my confidence back and serious excitement for all the possibilities out there in the online world. I even got my first client half way through the program! The education and support from Shar and her team are truly bar none. I often wanted to ask them what the catch was - their support and guidance was endless. I really believe I would have given up had I not had the help and support that I did. They are a wealth of knowledge, so approachable and truly teachers at their best who want the best for you. I cannot express how grateful I am for them & I can't recommend the opportunity to work with them enough. Thank you Shar, Hayley and Wade!"

~ Carrie K.