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WOWSERS! The Virtually Successful Video Summit has been hopping! I’ve been in the VA industry since 2003 and never have I participated in an event that has provided so much insight! (And it’s so much fun being the Summit Correspondent!)

Did you know there are 5 kinds of launches? I had no idea!

On the Virtually Successful Video Summit call with Kim DeYoung, she shared details about 5 different launches that can all be used at different times in your clients business.

This was call number 4 of the Summit and boy oh boy, was it a good one!

Kim shared an incredible amount of information, but my two biggest takeaways included:

  • The biggest launch mistake is not launching at all.
  • If a launch is not successful, it doesn’t mean your product or program stinks.

If you’re interested in learning more about launches or perhaps specializing in launches, it’s a great area to get into. Be sure to check out the call with Kim.

I learned even more incredible information with Donna Cravotta on the top of Social PR. Now I won’t pretend to know everything there is about social media, because I certainly don’t, but I know a few little creative ideas now that I watched this interview!

Donna offered a wealth of information and ‘sneaky’ strategies on how you can use social media in your favour. My biggest two takeaways on this call (it’s hard to pick just 2!):

  • Learn how to listen on social media; it’s the best market research tool out there.
  • Donna’s story on how she used social media to help her hand model client make thousands (and thousands) of dollars!

If you’re a virtual assistant who wants to specialize in social media, this is the lady to listen to! She used to be a ‘general’ VA. She then closed down her VA business and opened up her new Social PR business. There are a LOT of virtual assistants out there who call themselves social media specialists, but I dare say, I have never heard as much in-depth knowledge and expertise as I did with Donna!

Thursday’s session with Chelsea Berler on team based businesses was a fascinating one!

Now I’ve been in the VA industry for many years and at one time managed a multi-VA team, but nothing like what Chelsea has created. It was incredible to hear her journey and the role she now plays as the owner of a team based business.

It was clear to see Chelsea’s genuine appreciation for her team, and equally as great to see her sincere focus on being the best leader possible for the people on her team.

If you’re:

  • a great doer, but a better leader
  • interested in teaching and mentoring your team, then

a team-based approach may work for you. But remember, it doesn’t happen overnight and you have to genuinely love and nurture your team to achieve success.

One more tidbit for those of you who think a team based business is what’s going to make you rich … think again. You can be profitable, but you may be making less money than if you were on your own.

There you have it, my summary on several more sessions in the Virtually Successful Video Summit. If you missed any of these, I encourage you to consider the upgrade option (details at so you can watch the sessions at your convenience.

I can’t help but ask you now (leave your comments below) – do any of these specialty areas intrigue you enough to where you want to take a serious look at making changes in your current business?


VirtuallySuccessfulSummit_BuildItThe Virtually Successful Video Summit started off with a bang on Monday morning and it has been G-R-E-A-T!  As your official Summit correspondent, I’m super excited to share a few notes from the first 3 sessions. Where was all this information when I started my business back in 2003? Seriously, I would have made so many fewer mistakes!

Tina kicked off the Summit with a live session on “Create a Business Around Your Brilliance & Get Paid What You Are Work” and damn it was a great start to this 10 day event!

Now I’ve worked with Tina for years on various projects and honestly, even all this time, she still inspires me when I hear her speak.

This first session focussed on YOUR responsibility and mindset as the implementer.

She talked about how there are 2 mindsets amoungst virtual support professionals – you can be either an expert or an employee. This is one of my absolute favorite topics yet I know it’s one of the #1 things that holds great people back.

Imagine this scenario. A client is speaking to their virtual support professional, sharing the reason behind their business, who they work with, their business goals and things they want to do and implement to support achievement of those goals.

A virtual support professional with employee mindset may respond to this with:
That’s Great! How Can I Help?

A virtual support professional with expert mindset will respond with:

That’s GREAT! Here’s How I can Help You. And they will the continue sharing various ways they can help based on the goals the business owner shared.

See the difference? Think back to your conversations and identify which mindset you currently have and changes you need to make. The expert mindset is where it’s at.

Tina’s session dove deeper into identifying your zone of genius and claiming your brilliance … you’ll have to tune in to hear how these pieces allow you to reach your level of success.

On Tuesday, Tina interviewed Bob the Teacher and Michele PW. Let me tell you – no matter where you are in your business or what kind of services you offer – these two sessions are a MUST.

Bob the Teacher (did you know he used to be a history teacher?!) shared how you can be an indispensable and well-paid virtual professional.

This is the first time I heard Bob speak and I was not disappointed. Bob shared some very simple yet phenomenal tips every virtual support professional should take to heart. Here’s a quick sampling of my key takeaways … you’ll have to listen in to the recording to get the real goods in how this relates to you and your business:

  • Life and business are so much easier when you ask for help.
  • You have to be willing to take action based on your best knowledge NOW … and revise later (why is it so hard for us to do this?).
  • Set clear boundaries at all stages of your business … stick to them.
  • Don’t try to do everything on your own and learn everything on your own.

No matter how long you have been in business, this interview with Bob serves as a gentle, yet stern reminder of things we can take control of, if we just act.

Tina also interviewed Michele PW, the hottest copywriter around these days! Michele’s topic was “3 Keys to Writing Copy That Attracts, Inspires & Invites Your Ideal Prospects To Become Ideal Clients.”

I don’t care what kind of virtual support professional you are, this session is a must watch. It is NOT just for those who write copy.

Michele’s caring and genuine personality shined through as well as her eagerness to share information that everyone would benefit from – copywriters and non copywriters alike.

Of course copywriters who watch this session will walk away with incredible tips to implement into their own client work, but others can use the information for their own copy as well as supporting their clients when they are writing copy for their own websites etc.

The biggest a-ha’s I got from this interview with Michele:

  • Avoid shame, fear and guilt in your direct response copy. Make the distinction between pain and suffering.
  • If you’re helping people through transformation, allow your marketing process to duplicate the transformation process.
  • Put yourself in your client’s shoes – what’s frustrating them and keeping them up at night? Step in and acknowledge these challenges and “be” there with them in your copy <<— key one for you!

There is so much more I could share but what I really want you to do instead is check out the interviews for yourself. You can head on over to and sign up.

Can you relate to any of the details I’ve shared above? Let me know if I touched on anything that you also connected with – post your comments below!

As you can tell, the first 2 days have been incredible ones here at the Virtually Successful Video Summit. I cannot wait for the rest of the sessions! And don’t worry, I’ll be posting again in a couple of days!

NOTE: Remember to post your own a-ha’s and takeaways from the Summit sessions on your own social media, using the hashtag #vssummit.



VirtuallySuccessfulSummit_BelieveItIt’s Cindy Greenway here, your Virtually Successful Video Summit Correspondent. I’m wondering if you can relate to one of my painful business experiences.

When I opened my official ‘virtual doors’ back in 2003, I was SCARED. I was a first time mom to a 6 month old boy and a government employee with a cushy job. I had no business experience (NONE) and I had just learned about the Virtual Assistant industry a few short weeks before.

Through the first few years, I faced all kinds of scepticism from friends, family, acquaintances, past co-workers and even other business professionals. How could anyone really make any money working from home as a VA? This scepticism hurt my confidence and my ability to succeed was bruised. Often those bruises took some time to heal, preventing me from really building what I knew deep down I could build.

Can you relate?

Perhaps this is one of the reasons I’m so excited about the Virtually Successful Video Summit – because I get it – I know that as a virtual support professional you may be struggling just like I did. Struggling with confidence and believing you can start and build what you want and achieve incredible financial and personal success.

Starting on August 4th, Tina Forsyth will interview incredible industry experts who are opening up and sharing how they achieved success and dealt with those insecurities along the way. I wish this Summit had been offered in 2003!

It’s your time to make a change … join us to BELIEVE that you can, BUILD what you want and BRING IT! Click here to check it out!


Virtually Successful VideoSummit

There’s something super exciting brewing over here at Team OBM and we’re so pleased to finally share it with you and invite you to join us!

It’s the Virtually Successful Video Summit – a FREE Virtual Event taking place from August 4-15, specifically for Virtual Support Professionals – virtual assistants, freelancers, online business managers, web and graphic designers social media specialists, copy writers, admin support – anyone who gets stuff done!

The premise behind this event is different from many others you may have participated in. Here’s why:

Virtual support professionals, just like other business owners, have big visions for success.

However there’s a common theme in the virtual support profession that many of us don’t like to talk about. It goes something like this – our doubts, our fears, comparing ourselves to others and our beliefs are stopping us from creating and achieving what we want for ourselves and for our businesses.

After 10 years of connecting with virtual support professionals, the team has pretty much heard it all. We know that what people BELIEVE is stopping them from BUILDING the business that will BRING the revenue they desire.

That’s the reason we’re hosting this 10 day video summit with 12 incredible industry experts who will share exactly how they transitioned through the Believe It, Build It and Bring It stages of their businesses. We want to help you believe it, build it and bring it, just like we know you can.

Ready to get started? As your Virtually Successful Video Summit Correspondent, I invite you to check out all the details at I wish this was offered back in 2003 when I first joined the VA industry!



Manage Process

Image courtesy of “Stuart Miles /”

As online business managers we are often wearing many hats… sometimes so many hats we can’t even keep them all on our head…

Not only do they fall off at times but truthfully those hats are heavy, exhausting and stressful to carry around 24/7.

But what if I told you there is an easier way… you don’t have to wear all those hats you can simply line them up in their proper places, encourage them to stay the course and then check in on them periodically…. sounds dreamy right?

Well it’s not a dream, its the way that business is meant to be ran and it is the solution to 90% of the chaos and frustration around running, managing, and growing a business. When any business becomes so dependent on one person, be it the business owner, the virtual assistant or the business manager, that business becomes out of balance (such as walking around with 14 hats on your head). The imbalance will cause both great frustration and more importantly stagnation.

So what is the solution to this ever increasing epidemic in the online business world of the great hope that one person can and will do it all?

Well I have 2 words for you:

Process and Influence

If you consider with me that Process = Management, or let me say it like this without process there is NOTHING to management.

This is why we often find ourselves frustrated as OBM’s we are running around to trying to manage a business that has not process in place. When in reality all we are doing is prioritizing implementation for the daily operations of a business. But this is not management. In many cases it is simply just a pattern of chaos we have all learned to perform in.

Manage (as a verb) – -to handle, direct, govern, or control in action or use

Management (as a noun) – the person or persons controlling and directing the affairs of a business, institution

What I want to focus in on is the word CONTROL in both of these definitions.

The simple truth is without processes in place there is no ability to be in control over how a task is executed. There is no standard in which to create an expectation for a team member in executing a task in a manner that allows you, the OBM, to continue to maintain control over the task and it’s performance.

What does this really mean: It means you have to wear all those hats until you learn to be in control but not the one ‘doing’ the task (which essentially WOULD be out of your control unless you have a process in place to maintain control) whew.. that was a mouthful!

You may be thinking, why does this really matter, after all, as long as the task gets done it really shouldn’t matter who does it or ‘HOW’ it is done.

And to some degree I quiet agree with you… but without the measure of standard (process), there is opportunity for greater error in performing that task. Error is both time consuming, costly and embarrassing… why chance it?

Secondly, without the process, you the OBM, have no ability to actually manage (control) the outcome of the implementation if someone else on your team is executing the task. This is both dangerous and unnerving! Leaving you vulnerable to look in competent or unskilled in your ability to manage the business or team.

So when you consider how you are going to manage your clients business… consider this: if you do not have processes,  you have no ability to manage!

(part 2 will be:  Influence = Leadership, the second part of the solution, coming next week)


If you are unsure on how to set up, manage and be successful in building foundationally strong businesses for your clients you should consider becoming a Certified OBM. In our Certification Training we go in depth on the ‘how to’s’ of becoming a successful Online Business Manager. Be sure to check our the details here: (and set up a time to chat with me 1:1 for FREE)Manage Process


As always we would love to connect with you either via the comments below or on our facebook page!  Feel free to chime in on this hot topic or simply ask questions…


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