Wenyin Lai

Wenyin Lai

Certified Since:: June 2022


Hi, I am so glad we met, and that you decided not to let your willpower run the business. Because willpower is saved for the next worth-binge-watching Netflix show. You have heard enough from the business gurus that a business needs systems and processes in place to help it run smoothly, and I am here to help you re-image the backend of your business.

My mission is to simplify, optimize, and help business owners make data-based decisions. I am a productivity geek who nerds out on using tools to streamline processes and automate systems. My work is about using the least effort to generate the most output.

Skills & Training:

Graduated from the University of Southern California with an M.S. in Regulatory Sciences. I have worked in the international pharmaceutical industry for the past 10+ years. Through my corporate experience, I bring the following skill sets to the table:

Project Management | Planning | Strategy | Research | Team Leadership


Mandarin, English, Japanese

Online tools & systems:

I am listing the tools and systems that I use. There are many SaaS tools out on the market, and they do whatever they promise to deliver. I may not have experience in using the tools that you are using, but I am resourceful and WILL figure things out.

Office Basics: Gsuite
Team Communication: Slack, Loom, Bonjoro
PM Tool: Trello
Design and Social Media: Canva