Victoria de Keizer

Victoria de Keizer

Certified Since:: May/2022


Hi there! đź‘‹ My journey towards becoming an OBM started in the start-up world. I joined a tech company as an International Expansion Intern conducting research on labor regulations in target markets and discovered a newfound interest in business operations. I proceeded to work in business operations for over 3 years, and more recently gained experience working as an Executive Assistant. Being an EA exposed me to the world of virtual assistance and inspired me to look for ways to leverage my operational skills in the online world, which is why I decided to become an OBM.

My core services include:
1. Operations management
- Systems management;
- Strategy development;
- Metrics tracking.
2. Human resources & team management
- Recruitment;
- Onboarding & off-boarding;
- Day-to-day team management.
3. Project management
4. Event planning

Some fun facts about me:
- I am based in Quebec, Canada (Eastern Time Zone) with my wonderful husband and our soon-to-be-born baby girl
- I am a Third Culture Kid (TCK) who grew up in 4 different countries
- I love working with social mission/impact orgs and I also have a soft spot for weddings and anything to do with events!
- You can catch me reading a historical fiction novel or attending a spinning class in my spare time

Feel free to email me - - or schedule a discovery call -

Skills & Training:

Aside from being a certified OBM, I also have a certification in Human Resources Consulting.


English, Dutch, Amharic

Online tools & systems:

GSuite, ClickUp, Notion, Asana, Trello, Smartsheet, Wix, Squarespace, Slack, Canva, Acuity, and Calendly.

Currently learning Aisle Planner.