Tina DeValk

Tina DeValk

Certified Since:: August 2020

Expert Overview

Your Right-Hand Support and Guide. Now offering two services: (1) OBM/DOO support for those who need that dedicated right-hand partner working in their business. (2) Business Alignment Coaching & Consulting for those seeking a more authentic, aligned business to create more ease, fulfilment and real success. Read on to learn more about each offering.

As your right hand, I excel at supporting you and your team in their roles. As a natural problem solver, I take initiative and find simple, yet effective solutions.
My wheelhouse is in overseeing and managing all the people and pieces within the business. I am driven to understand the business as a whole and holistically integrate strategies, processes, and systems.
With systems and processes in place, team members will know where to find task assets, how to do the tasks, and who is doing what & when.
Projects will be tracked and repeatable.
The goal is to create more ease and clarity while minimizing the occurrence of frustration, mistakes and fires.

I am dedicated to serving my clients with excellence. I take full ownership of my role within the company and am committed to its success.

Website Page: https://tinadevalk.com/righthand/

Coaching, Consulting and Strategic Action & Alignment Mapping™
For Women who want to change the world! Transformational coaching and uncomplicated business strategies to shift your life and business into alignment, ease, fulfillment and success.

I offer a two-pronged approach:

Step One: Body-Centered Transformation Coaching
Somatic mind-body coaching (feeling into & connecting with the body - you can read more about it on my website) to help you discover and discern what needs to shift and heal so you can fully own your power, know your worth, recognize what you bring to the table and transition with confidence.

Step Two: Strategic Action & Alignment Mapping™
A proven proprietary process that will provide you with immense Clarity, Direction and a Plan. It is an intense deep dive into where you are and where you want to be with an actionable, custom roadmap for you and/or your team.

Website Page: https://tinadevalk.com/biz-alignment/

My Kolbe Score: 7-3-5-5
Human Design: 1/3 Projector

Learn more about me and my services

Website Pages:
1. OBM/DOO services: https://tinadevalk.com/righthand/
2. Strategic Action & Alignment Mapping™: https://tinadevalk.com/biz-alignment/
Email: tina@tinadevalk.com

Skills & Training:

Certified OBM
Certified Director Of Operations

Plus multiple courses, masterminds, coaching programs, and hours (many, many hours) of research to enhance my skill set and knowledge.

* Personal Growth
* Dedicated Life Learner
* Adaptive
* Grounded
* Creative flexibility in complex situations leading to greater efficiency
* Level-Headed - Even During Stress
* Problem-Solving
* Space Holder
* Somatic Mind-Body Coach

Additional Knowledge/Skills:
* More than 8 Years Working in and on online businesses
* Customer Experience & Service
* Experience in Social Media Management
* Experience in Website Design
* Ecommerce Experience



Online tools & systems:

Project Management Tools: Asana, Gsuite, Slack, Lastpass and Trello
Email Marketing Tools: MailChimp and Aweber
Schedulers: Acuity and Schedule Once
Social Media Schedulers: Many different ones
Websites: WordPress, Shopify and Wix
Virtual Meeting Tools: Zoom and Skype
Creative: Canva, enthusiast photographer and basic Adobe Lightroom
Always learning and adding to my arsenal!