Certified Since:: August 2020


As your right-hand woman, I understand what you’re navigating. I help lift the weight of business, calm the chaos, quiet the distractions and move your business from reactive mode to sustainability & EASE.

My mission is to support earth-shaker visionaries who desire to bring change to the world through the impact they create. My passion is in serving these visionaires who step into this space, empowered as their badass, passionate, authentic selves to build flourishing, ALIGNED, purposeful businesses.

As a Certified OBM & Certified Director of Operations, our partnership provides the foundational components for a thriving business. Through unwavering support, tech, team management, strategy, systems, processes, clear communication, ease & space - I work with you to create solutions for YOUR life and YOUR business.

I am a Canadian currently experiencing Mexico with my family. Beautifully supported by my husband & others to care for the day-to-day family & house, I am able to provide my clients with kick-ass, high-level services!

I love sitting in nature. Journaling is a lifeline for me. Coffee is a MUST (hot or cold, black or creamed.. coffee always!). I am passionate about personal development and "becoming" who I'm meant to be. I love working with others who are unapologetically themselves - messiness and all!

I thoroughly enjoy using my innate gifts to support purpose-driven biz owners in accelerating their success, aligning their business and taming the chaos. <3

My Kolbe Score: 7-3-5-5

How to reach me:

Skills & Training:

Certified OBM
Certified Director Of Operations

Plus multiple courses, masterminds, coaching programs, and hours (many, many hours) of research to enhance my skill set and knowledge.

* Personal Growth
* Dedicated Life Learner
* Adaptive
* Grounded
* Creative flexibility in complex situations leading to greater efficiency
* Level-Headed - Even During Stress
* Problem Solving
* Space Holder

Additional Knowledge/Skills:
* More than 7 Years Working in Online Businesses
* Customer Experience & Service
* Experience in Social Media Management
* Experience in Website Design
* Ecommerce Experience



Online tools & systems:

Project Management Tools: Asana, Gsuite, Slack, Lastpass and Trello
Email Marketing Tools: MailChimp and Aweber
Schedulers: Acuity and Schedule Once
Social Media Schedulers: Many different ones
Websites: WordPress, Shopify and Wix
Virtual Meeting Tools: Zoom and Skype
Creative: Canva, enthusiast photographer and basic Adobe Lightroom
Always learning and adding to my arsenal!