Tamsin Parry

Tamsin Parry

Certified Since:: January 2020


Instead of doing everything all at the same time and all by yourself, how about doing the right things, at the right time with a passionate and supportive team that partners with your business?

Hello, and congrats on taking the step towards getting the support you need.

I am an Operational Strategist, Online Business Manager, and Founder of The Doing Company - an OBM agency. With over 20 years of operational and project management experience, I have built a high-performing agency in 9-months, where, at the core level, we help to create a highly functional business environment for your clients that positively impacts profitability and capacity to scale.

Our approach is to simplify complex issues with a pragmatic and holistic approach to all areas of your business - from operations, sales, marketing, customer support, and team management to the technical frameworks of your business. We work with course creators and membership site owners, who typically have at least one full-time Virtual Assistant, or who want us to hire, train, and onboard their first hire. We also help to hire, onboard, and manage the right people for your business, ensuring that your team is aligned with all phases of your growth.

If you are wondering and asking yourself “What are the benefits of working with an online business management agency”?
One of the main benefits of working with us is that you have your own assigned team, and if something were to happen with that team, you would not have to worry about rehiring and retraining: that would be our responsibility.

As the Founder of The Doing Co, I personally oversee all client work with the help of my experienced and trained Project Managers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you only work with clients on a temporary basis or can we work together long term?

A: We do both! We have clients who have been with us since 2018 and others who have only needed our services for a few months. This usually depends on the objectives and team structure that the business owner has in place. And in many cases, our short term clients turn into long term clients

Q. How often do you provide a progress report?

A: We thrive on open communication and our communication style and frequency are worked out to meet the client’s needs. We know you are busy, so we try not to get hold of you too often, but we also like to keep you informed about everything that is happening. At a minimum, we provide a detailed report at the end of each week outlining the work and retainer hours completed as well as have a weekly or fortnightly meeting. The frequency of meetings will depend on you.

Q. You’re in Australia/USA/Europe. I am currently in Cape Town. How does that work with the different time zones?

A: Most of my clients are in Australia and the US, and I have established a successful working relationship within our agency that ensures that the time difference is a non-issue. We meet in your time zone and we work in ours.

If you would like to have a no-obligation chat, please book here:


The one thing I know, if you want to reach your fullest potential and have the impact that you desire, you need to create a strong, passionate, and effective team. In our experience, we have seen clients try to do it on their own and the business does not grow, it goes backward, and owners burn out. Delegation and organising your business in a way that others can participate does not come naturally to most business owners. With the help of an experienced OBM, we can guide you to create a business that can scale.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Onwards and Upwards,

Tamsin and The Doing Co Team.

Skills & Training:


- Hiring, Training, Managing Virtual Assistants
- Streamlining Systems
- Create Core Business HUB as foundation for solid Business
- Invoice Management
- Accounts Payable / Receivable
- P+L Management
- Bank Reconciliation
- Podcast Management
- Email Marketing Management
- Training Manual / SOP Creation & Management
- Course Creation
- Social Media Management
- Membership Management



Online tools & systems:

- Shopify
- WooCommerce
- Squarespace
- Wordpress
- Kajabi
- DNS / Domain Management
- Email Hosting
- Web Hosting
- HelpScout
- ZenDesk
- Desk. com
- Trello
- Asana
- Stripe
- Xero
- Slack
- GSuite
- Email Management
- Workflow Max
- Teamwork
- CPanel
- Thrivecart
- Active Campaign
- Ontraport
- Thinkific