Susan Backman

Susan Backman

Certified Since:: March 2014


Becoming an OBM was one of the best things I have ever done because it allowed me to leave the "corporate" arena and apply my skills, experience and expertise to a business like yours. Not only does it allow me the freedom of the virtual support world but the creativity that I desire in working with amazing business owners like you. Whether I am managing your team, a project or launch, tracking and reporting the metrics or taking the tedious tasks of ownership off your plate, I bring harmony and integrity into your life and business.

I love working with entrepreneurs that have a big vision and their existence contributes to the success of so many people they are able to serve. I am a solutions-minded person constantly figuring out how to get that big vision off the "white board" of brain storming to an actual plan utilizing the right technology, the right team and making sure your target client desires to work with you because of it.

I enjoy working with energetic business owners that are in growth mode. Ready to make the next big step in taking your business to the next level. It is my goal in working with each client that we have a relationship that is not only harmonious but that I am in tune with their needs, even to the point of anticipating what comes next. My objective is to “partner” with each client, engaging and connecting to perform at my highest level in their business. I value integrity, honesty and harmony and provide these in every area of my work.

Skills & Training:

BS - Marketing, Regis University
Certified Online Business Manager
Customer Service
Database management
Team management


Tagalog *small amount

Online tools & systems:

Google Suites
MS Office


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