Shvaughn Welch

Shvaughn Welch

Certified Since:: February/2022


I’m a Certified OBM® and Systems Strategist for service-based entrepreneurs & small teams. I focus on helping businesses get clear on their numbers and goals and truly understand their inner workings at a deeper level so they can make decisions from a place of intention and purpose, instead of panic. 

I have over a decade of experience in operations and managing projects, teams, and outcomes and I’m on a mission to help founders build sustainable, resilient businesses that are able to scale and grow.

Most people will just tell you to “hire more”, but I believe you must first have the best systems and processes in place to manage and run your company — not just hiring more hands to help juggle the pieces.

Skills & Training:

B.A. in Information Systems
A.A. in Business Administration
Certified Online Business Manager through IAOBM



Online tools & systems:

CRM systems
PM Systems
Marketing systems
Adobe Creative Suite
Google Suite