Shauna Vassell

Shauna Vassell

Certified Since:: Nov 2020


I help coaches and service based solopreneurs to get out of the day to day and focus on revenue generating activities.

If you are impact driven entrepreneurs who truly want to create change, get visible and free up their time? My team and I would love to work with you!

I’ve spent over 10+ years, helping businesses streamline their operations, implement system automations, deliver projects and hire the “right” teams.


I know that you can’t make the impact you want without making the revenue you need.
….And that means less of the hustle and more intentional action.

Strategy and implementation comes naturally to me. I became an OBM to help other coaches who are great at what they do to focus on being great coaches.

I’ve worn many hats, including Director of strategy , project and operations manager, with a rich toolkit of executive coaching, change management, marketing, back-office operations and team leadership.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality, and time for growth…

As a coach, I understand what it means to want to be present with your clients but feeling trapped in the cycle of day to day operations.
The pull of having consistent
- clients
- revenues
...results all while building brand authority and visibility and giving your clients the transformation they came to you for in the first place!

Busywork is just that ... busy work - and not always productive ...

This is why I focus on where your vision meets implementation and implement the right strategies and actions for your business.

What the BOTS say I'm like ....
KolbeA: 7-5-3-5

Strengths finder (Top 5): Analytical, Relator, Ideation, Learner, Achiever

MBTI: ENTJ - strategic leaders, motivated to organize change.
They are quick to see inefficiency and conceptualize new solutions, and enjoy developing long-range plans to accomplish their vision. They excel at logical reasoning and are usually articulate and quick-witted. (Truity)

Skills & Training:

Project Management Professional (PMP) | Certified Online Business Manager | Business process re-engineering (Lean Six Sigma) | PROSCI Change Management



Online tools & systems:

Honeybook | Dubsado | ClickUp | MailChimp | Trello |FloDesk | Calendly | Zapier | G-Suite |
Canva | WordPresss | FG Funnels | Asana | AirTable | HootSuite | Paypal | Stripe | Later | Acuity