Serena Seeley

Serena Seeley

Certified Since:: November 2022

Expert Overview

I am the owner of Forward Thinking, LLC and specialize in the innovation, development, and progression of your business. I believe wholeheartedly that your business has unlimited potential, and to get there, you need a strategic business partner who looks ahead to what is coming rather than functioning in a state of reacting to last minute requests and overwhelm.

Do you feel stuck in the daily details of your business? I strategically partner with you to help reduce your overwhelm and keep you focused on what matters most: your dreams, and your ability to create, consult, produce, coach, sell, and build relationships with your clients.

Team Building - I am the point of contact for the entire team and work closely with the team on a day-to-day basis to ensure that everyone is clear on their tasks and deadlines and has what they need to do their best work. Imagine each member of your team working in their zone of genius. I will help you build a team unified around the common purpose of catapulting your business to the next level.

Daily Operations - I will deep dive into your current systems and processes to streamline and automate where needed. You will be able to focus on your big-picture vision and strategy while leaving the day-to-day overwhelm to me. I will create step-by-step SOPs which serve as a framework for measuring team performance. When the team knows exactly what is expected of them, evaluating performance and providing feedback for improvement becomes easier. Well-structured SOPs also streamline the onboarding process for new hires.

Project Management - From launching a course to setting up a hiring process, I will use project management tools to stay on top of every detail. Your projects will be completed more efficiently and on time. I will lay out plans and manage projects through completion, including launches, managing programs, creating new revenue streams, updating websites, etc.

Metrics Management - Do you know what is giving you the best return on your investments? I track key stats and monitor progress so we can do more of what you clients want. As a result, better decisions will be made for the ongoing growth of your company. This means more money in your pocket while keeping your vision of helping as many people as possible.

With over 5 years experience as a virtual assistant, copywriter, marketing specialist, mental health supervisor of 50 employees, and a psychologist, organization, creativity, strategic thinking, and understanding the "why" behind people's behaviors all help me to problem solve and communicate in a way that supports the growth of your business. I believe it is my true calling to help others and support coaches, consultants, psychologists, and any entrepreneur ready to return to their zone of genius.

I live in California with my husband and our two wiener dogs, Gaston and Chief. Nothing makes me happier than being in nature, listening to podcasts, watching the Chiefs play Sunday football, photography, and enjoying a beautiful sunset with my family.

Skills & Training:

- Bachelor of Science (Human Development)
- Master of Arts (Psychology)
- Certified Online Business Manager



Online tools & systems:

- WordPress
- Asana
- Dubsado
- Kajabi
- Active Campaign
- Amazon Web Services
- Canva
- Wix
- Google Workspace
- Microsoft 365
- Zoom
- Loom