Sarah Van

Sarah Van

Certified Since:: May 2023

Expert Overview

Are you a driven, results-oriented entrepreneur who dreams of building a thriving and successful company? As your OBM, I'm here to make that dream a reality. I specialize in partnering with online business owners like you, providing the accountability, clarity, and structure you need to take your business to new heights.

I understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with running a business in the digital world, and I'm here to support you in scaling your empire and optimizing your operations.

I believe that success begins with a solid foundation. Through strategic planning and support, I can provide high-level guidance and collaborate with you to develop effective strategies and systems. From annual and quarterly planning to content management and project management, I will help you create a roadmap for your success.

I will work closely with you to streamline your backend operations, identifying and addressing any inefficiencies that may be hindering your business. By optimizing your systems and processes, together, we will pave the way for the seamless expansion and increased profitability of your online business.

My goal is to create a lifestyle of freedom and abundance, aligning your business with your entrepreneurial vision.

Skills & Training:

My background is in client success, operations management, & team leadership. I have over 25 years of managing remote teams, conducting online training courses, and creating, implementing, and streamlining processes.



Online tools & systems:

Project Management: Asana, Trello, AirTable, Teamwork, Basecamp,
CRM: Salesforce, Copper, Hubspot
Organization: Notion, Airtable, MS Office, Google Suite, Dropbox
HR: JustWorks, JustWorkHours, Gusto, Harvest, 17Hats
Calendar Management/Scheduling: Calendly, Acuity
Accounting/Payment: Quickbooks, Square, Maxio, PayPal, Stripe, Venmo
Marketing: AWeber, Constant Contact, HubSpot
Web Development: WordPress, GoDaddy
Communication: Slack, Zoom, Teams, Google Meet
Design / Editing: Adobe Creative Suite, Canva