Sarah Neumann

Sarah Neumann

Certified Since:: 2012

Expert Overview

I help busy entrepreneurs grow their business, become more profitable and focus on what they love to do instead of what they have to do.

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Operational Consulting.
I can help you and your team create a strong foundation for your business with efficient operating systems. With this level of increased organization and efficiency you will feel less stressed and better supported by your team and your team will be more productive and organized to help you run your business.

Profit First Consulting.
Are you ready to transform your business from a cash eating monster into a money making machine? As a Profit First Professional I can help you drive greater profit in your business through cash flow strategies and systems. I'll walk you through implementing Profit First and help you create a financially fit business.

Online Business Management.
Do you want ongoing support to manage your business and your team so you can do the things you love to do instead of the things you have to do? I can help you work in your Zone of Genius and take the stress of managing team members, projects, and to-do's off your plate.


More time.
Stop spending precious time following up with your team members, planning out all of the details for your next project, and managing tasks and workflow. Instead focus on what you do best – delivering awesome content to your clients and creating the big vision for your business.

More Energy.
Tasks lists, the team’s to-do’s, and all of those details around your next project or launch that are swirling around in your head are zapping your bandwidth. Free up your energy to so you can be the creative visionary in your business. All of those ideas that you’ve been putting on the back burner are totally do-able with an actionable plan and the right kind of support.

More Money.
Drive greater profits in your business through cash management systems and strategies. You can pay yourself appropriately, take the stress and uncertainty out around paying taxes and reward yourself with profits from your business throughout the year.

Contact me and let's schedule a time to talk about how I may be able to help you and your team:

Skills & Training:

* Profit First Professional
* Certified Online Business Manager
* Graduate of AssistU
* I've been working in the online business industry since 2008.  I have extensive experience working with location independent teams and line based businesses in both the role of Online Business Manager and Consultant.
* My gift and my zone of genius is creating and implementing operational procedures that create a strong foundation for business growth.



Online tools & systems:

* Teamwork (Project Management Tool)
* Infusionsoft
* Slack
* Google Suite
* Mircosoft Office
* Quickbooks
* Wordpress (Editing, not design)
* Leadpages (Editing, not design)