Rebecca Scheetz

Rebecca Scheetz

Certified Since:: May 2020

Expert Overview

I am a Certified Director of Operations & Certified Online Business Manager. I help 🌎 impact-driven entrepreneurs take back their time, do more good, and grow their service-based business through strategic planning, operational efficiency, and team leadership.

Skills & Training:

Strategic Planning: Recommit to Your Vision
Sometimes the daily tasks can keep us from what really matters. Let’s get your big ideas out of your head so we can prioritize, strategize, and develop a plan of action to achieve your goals.

Operational Efficiency: Reclaim Your Time
Break free of time scarcity with a fresh mindset, efficient systems, and effective support. Now is the moment to refocus your energy on the reason you started your business in the first place.

Team & Project Leadership: Let Go with Peace of Mind
Leadership can be lonely, especially when you feel like you need to have a hand in everything but don't have a trusted thought partner by your side. Enjoy the relief of confidently letting go.



Online tools & systems:

A growth mindset is crucial when developing new ideas, championing change, and making your vision a reality. I’ve seen a lot in over a decade of operations consulting, and I never stop seeking new knowledge and perspectives to serve my clients better.

I have worked with so many tools throughout the years and come prepared with a network of experts who can get whatever you need DONE! Learning is one of my ⚡super-powers⚡!