Rachel Dickinson

Rachel Dickinson

Certified Since:: December 2023

Expert Overview

I'm Rachel, your certified guide through the celestial realms of digital entrepreneurship.

At Celestial Executive, I transcend the ordinary, bringing strategic brilliance and stellar organization to your online business. So let's navigate the cosmos of success together!

As your strategic partner in climbing and conquering the "metrics mountain, I bring a fresh perspective to the table. My mission is not just to manage your business operations but to empower you to understand your business at its core and make data-driven decisions for growth.

As your OBM, I specialize in helping online business owners navigate the complexities of their metrics, uncovering insights, and identifying areas for improvement. I take pride in overseeing day-to-day operational functions, allowing you to focus on nurturing and developing your online baby – your product.

With a unique blend of expertise as a Holistic Business and Life Strategist, I am passionate about fostering a collaborative and high-performing team environment. By formalizing business org charts and understanding the unique roles of every team member, I work to enhance skill sets, promote synergy, and create the best team ever.

Beyond the metrics and operations, I am deeply committed to your holistic success. Whether it's tending to my garden oasis or volunteering with a national UK pug charity, I believe in balancing professional excellence with personal fulfillment.

Let's embark on a journey where we not only achieve business success but also cultivate a thriving and harmonious work environment. Together, we will overcome challenges, celebrate victories, and build a legacy that transcends metrics.

Nestled in the serene landscapes of rural NW England, UK, I proudly wear the title of a devoted pug mum (I love them all!) and an active volunteer with a national UK pug charity. Beyond my roles as a qualified holistic therapist and adult teacher, my 25-year career journey has taken me from Senior Executive Assistant roles in diverse industries to the transformative realm of Online Business Management.

When not immersed in the digital sphere, you'll find me embracing the great outdoors, tending to my garden, and whipping up delightful culinary creations. Exploring the realms of spiritualism and self-development adds depth to my vibrant tapestry of interests. My goal is to bring this dynamic blend to your life and business, fostering resilience, implementing effective strategies, and unlocking the success you desire. I look forward to the opportunity to partner with you on this transformative journey, where professionalism meets pug-loving, garden-tending, and spiritually-infused magic!

Skills & Training:

I'm here to guide you in creating businesses and lives that exude genuine happiness. Together, we'll rewrite the rules, carve out a new path for living and working, and begin a journey of transformative experiences.

Armed with innovative tools, my focus is on supporting you as you navigate this journey with increased energy and ease. I place a strong emphasis on prioritizing personal well-being in every aspect of your endeavours. My ultimate aim is to help you unlock the success you desire by fostering resilience and implementing business strategies that lead to a work-life you truly adore.

As the founder of Celestial Executive, I bring my wealth of experience beyond the corporate boardrooms, having worked extensively in family businesses. This unique background provides me with a profound understanding of the intricate dynamics inherent in such ventures. With a proven track record in each sector, I have finely tuned my executive assistant skills, adeptly navigating the complexities of diverse business landscapes. Beyond professional realms, my experience extends to corporate social responsibility (CSR) building and charity work, reflecting my commitment to making a positive impact within and beyond the workplace.

I specialise in online business management support for leaders seeking transformative experiences in challenging aspects of their lives or businesses. Whether you're yearning for a fresh approach to sustainable achievement without burnout, require accountability for establishing a supportive rhythm of action, or desire a profound shift in your life's approach while addressing specific areas comprehensively, I'm here to be your guiding light.



Online tools & systems:

Elevate Your Business to Cosmic Heights with Revolutionary Tools and Celestial Systems! As your devoted Celestial Business Alchemist, I am poised to revolutionize the very fabric of your business operations. From orchestrating celestial project management to fostering ethereal communication, my expertise lies in harnessing the cosmic prowess of the latest online tools and systems that hold the power to metamorphose your business.

Are you prepared to witness the celestial dance of heightened productivity, streamlined processes, and an astronomical surge in your business growth? Together, let us embark on a cosmic journey to explore the extraordinary possibilities that await!

Behold, a glimpse of the celestial arsenal at my disposal:

🌌 Adobe Suite
🌠 Microsoft Suite
🌟 Monday
🪐 Asana
✨ Kajabi
🎨 Canva
🚀 Clickup
💫 Stripe
🌙 Paypal
🌐 Google Suite
⚛️ UKG
🔮 Survey Monkey
🌿 Heallist

Dare to dream of a business that transcends earthly limitations and ascends to the celestial realm of unprecedented success. The cosmic forces are aligned – are you ready to soar?