Portia Mariee

Portia Mariee

Certified Since:: November 2021


As an entrepreneurial tax accountant and business advisor, I know oh too well the struggles that many service business owners are faced with when trying to scale their business. From putting in countless hours while launching a new product or service. Maybe you almost missed a deadline on a clients' account, or maybe you actually missed that deadline or forgot altogether that you needed to finish up on a clients' service.

When I first started my business, I knew I was good at what I did, but the 5 figure deals were not knocking at my door. I lacked marketing structure, systems to scale, metric trackers, and so much more. After scaling my tax accounting firm, I realized I enjoyed helping others achieve success in their service or eCommerce business and that's when I decided to become a Certified OBM® and a Revenue Operations Strategist.

Skills & Training:

Certified Online Business Manager, Certified Business Intelligence & Data Analysis (BIDA)™, Certified Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA)®, Certified QuickBooks Pro


English (US)

Online tools & systems:

QuickBooks, Xero Accounting Software, Funnel Gorgeous (Fg Funnels), Hubspot, Tax Software