Oriana Gilbert

Oriana Gilbert

Certified Since:: 2021

Expert Overview

I see you. You’re a successful entrepreneur who’s overwhelmed by having to manage “all the things” to keep your business running.

You might feel frustrated by having 100 irons in the fire but not getting to where you want your business to be.

Or you may be terrified you’re going to drop one of the many balls you currently have up in the air…

..and you didn’t even know you could juggle!

I help busy & overwhelmed online entrepreneurs streamline their businesses and get back their time to do what it is they’re great at doing.

With a background in project management and business system automation, I bring my superpowers to your team to take time-heavy activities off of your plate so that you can get back to flexing your unique business muscles.

Skills & Training:

Project Management


English, Spanish

Online tools & systems:

Microsoft Office Suite, Google Suite, ClickUp, Salesforce, Wordpress, Squarespace, CSS, Convertkit, Canva, Trello, Asana