Olga Fomenko

Olga Fomenko

Certified Since:: August 2020


I help visionary entrepreneurs and business owners to turn their vision into reality, get their time back by taking the busywork out of their business and helping them gain leverage of their hours invested in growth of the company.

Every hour I take off your plate you get to put towards highest dollar per hour tasks that insure the growth and scalability of the business. With me and my team by your site you get to move 2 to 5 times faster focusing on being the visionary and the creator you have to be in order to keep moving the needle forward.

Skills & Training:

I started my entrepreneurial journey officially in 2011 working in the real estate investing space, focusing on lead generation, setting up systems for follow up campaigns and collaborating with outsourcers from overseas.
From there I began to work closely with social media marketing and became a certified social media manager in 2016
Began diving deep into the Digital Marketing space in 2017 (online events/ webinars; offers creation; funnel building using clickfunnels)
Ran one of the largest meetup in Washington DC for real estate investors
Prepared and successfully hosted many local events with national speakers, launched high-ticket mastermind via 2-day local event that resulted in $460K in sales.
Worked with many real estate investors in different niches helping them build lead gen and follow up systems, and virtual teams.
Worked with online entrepreneurs helping them build online presence through social media and online sales funnels.

Training & Certification:
2011 - 2014: Rich Dad Education by Robert & Kim Kiyosaki
2013 - 2017: Lifeonaire by Steve Cook & Shaun McCloskey
2016: Social Media Manager School Certification by Andrea Vahl & Phyllis Khare
2017 - 2019: Two Comma Club X by Russell Brunson & Clickfunnels (with trainers Julie Stoian, Alex Charfen, Myron Golden, Staphanie Dove etc.)
2020 - now: The Social Clique by Rachel Pedersen
2020 - now: Billionaire Code Foundation by Alex Charfen
2020: Online Business Manager Certification



Online tools & systems:

Google Suite (Drive, Gmail, Calendar etc.)
Trello - Project management tool
Active Campaign