Odette Toppin

Odette Toppin

Certified Since:: April 2019

Expert Overview

Order. Systems. Processes. Plan. Strategy. Tactics. = Love language. Heartbeat. Blueprint. Brain wiring. No matter what you call it, if these words resonate with you or this is what you need for your team, then keep reading.

I'm Odette and I serve government or contracting teams of 10 or less that need to eliminate inefficient operational cycles and create a culture of proficiency and resiliency. Systems and tech training are how I can help your team achieve fine-tuned fundamental processes and sustainable business operations.

I’m intensely passionate about users truly understanding how to use the tools available to them and how to create or maintain sustainable systems. As a 20-year US Air Force veteran & trainer, I am intricately familiar with building training programs for all knowledge and proficiency levels. Combined, with my love of technology and systems, my vision is that your team never wastes time or resources getting to user/performance proficiency.

Skills & Training:

I’ve always loved the planning side of things. For example, before I truly realized how I was meant to serve others, my formal studies included an M.S. in Strategic Communication & Leadership from Seton Hall University. As an Air Force leader, I developed and ran Air Traffic Control training programs, as well as managed airspace and airfield programs.



Online tools & systems:

All things Google, ClickUp, Plutio, Dubsado, Honeybook, Harmonizely, Book Like A Boss, Loom, Zoom, Jamboard, Whimsical, LastPass, Integrately, WaveApps, SendFox, PixelMe, ExpressVPN, WhatsApp Business, Voxer, Trello, Airtable, Stackby, Process Street