Nella Galloway

Nella Galloway

Certified Since:: August 2022

Expert Overview

I assist creatives who are ready to scale their businesses, free up their time and improve productivity so that they can focus on the passion of their business. Through system setups, strategy sessions and much more, I will be your right hand as we develop automated processes, ensuring you have a top notch client experience for your business.

With over 20 years of administrative and operations experience, I can help you overcome the struggles of being a solopreneur - being the only point of contact; being on call 24/7; and making all the decisions; leaving you feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Let me give you more brain space to be creative, feel more confident and live a life of balance.

As a person, colleagues and friends alike have described me as the calming influence in the face of challenges or obstacles. I make things happen by turning thoughts into actions and have been a catalyst of change for the better wherever I have worked. I like looking at the big picture and finding the best path forward. Your future success inspires and energizes me!

Although I am based in Toronto, Canada, I am a nomad at heart. I have lived on three different continents and have traveled to over 25 countries and counting. Natural water bodies are my happy place and quite literally fill up my cup.

Skills & Training:

Online Business Management
Operations Management
Team Management
Amazing Interpersonal Skills



Online tools & systems:

Google Workspace
Microsoft 365

Note: I have mastered many corporate systems and am able to get up to speed on many systems quickly