Natasha Buckland

Natasha Buckland

Certified Since:: August 2020


Hi, I'm Natasha, a Certified Online Business Manager who partners with conscious entrepreneurs ready to scale. If you want to expand your business with someone committed to your vision and values and highly skilled at facilitating strategic growth, I’m here to give you back your time and energy so you can focus on what you do best.

How I can support your business:

I offer ongoing support from managing launches, projects and teams to running daily operations and building sustainable structures (including systems, automated workflows and SOPs).

Examples of ways I can support you include:

⭑ pulling together a 90-Day strategic roadmap so you’re crystal clear on steps required to reach your goals that prioritises revenue-generating activities
⭑ managing the daily operations so that you can get back to planning your next move
⭑ taking over the reins on your key projects and launches to ensure that they run to time, budget and spec
⭑ designing the ultimate customer onboarding experience so that clients fall in love with you from the first click
⭑ helping you to recruit/hire new team members and put all the necessary systems in place to make any hires a success
⭑ executing the marketing plan we create, bringing together all the moving pieces to achieve the goals you set
⭑ keeping track of your metrics and KPIs and regularly reporting on what’s working and what needs our attention
⭑ building, implementing and documenting systems and processes for maximum ROI, and so that all teams, present and future, can easily learn the business, quickly understand how we roll and hit the ground running

My superpowers include:

⚡ Understanding metrics - tracking and analysing the numbers that matter, helping you to make smarter, data-driven decisions both to test the viability and sustainability of new ideas and to keep your business growing
⚡ Managing projects - I offer a holistic approach to project management helping you execute any project on budget and on brand without losing sight of your vision, designing a plan that honours where your business is right now and where you need it to be
⚡ Bringing a marketing mindset - I support you to create and execute a marketing plan that’s aligned with your values and has your customer at its heart so you can continue to show up and serve your community authentically. Together we’ll get the word out on your project so that the right people find what you’ve worked so hard to create

We’ll work well together if, like me, the following values matter to you:

Integrity, Collaboration, Curiosity, Tenacity & Candour

I’m based in the UK but work with clients from around the world.

Skills & Training:

Certified Online Business Manager
Facebook & Instagram Ads
Google Ads
Social Media Strategy
Bachelor of Honours - French & English


English, Spanish (Advanced)

Online tools & systems:

Active Campaign, Asana, Buffer, Calendly, Canva, ClickUp, Dropbox, Dubsado, Facebook Ads Manager, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Suite, Hootsuite, LastPass, Loom, Lucid charts, Skype, Slack, Social Media, Survey Monkey, Toggl, Trello, Voxer, WordPress, Zapier, Zoom and always learning more.