Natasha Buckland

Natasha Buckland

Certified Since:: August 2020

Expert Overview

Hi, I'm Natasha, a Certified Online Business Manager and Certified Director of Operations, based in the UK. I am a strategic partner for heart-centered and driven female founders who want to simplify and scale their purpose-led business. I help them align their mission with the right strategy, systems and support to build a strong foundation for a sustainable business with more time, profit and impact.

If you want to expand your business with someone committed to your vision and values and highly skilled at facilitating strategic growth, I’m here to give you back your time and energy so you can focus on what you do best.

Examples of ways I can support you include:

⭑ Working with you to create a clear and detailed operational strategy for business growth using the Strategic Mapping Model™; aligning projects in key business areas with your mission, vision and values, and prioritising and breaking these down into a clear roadmap to reach your goals.
⭑ Working with you to create a "business blueprint" that outlines exactly how things get done in your business, from landing clients to delivering results, so you can step back without things falling apart, and confidently build a business that can thrive without you.
⭑ Building streamlined, holistic systems and processes so that all teams, present and future, can easily learn the business and how we roll and hit the ground running.
⭑ Helping you understand the power of your data in measuring and optimising your business growth and how to use it in your decision-making.
⭑ Taking over the reins on your key projects and launches to ensure that they run to time, budget and plan.
⭑ Helping you with a team audit and organisational design to decide who to hire next as you grow towards your vision.
⭑ Hiring aligned team members at the right time and putting all the necessary systems in place to make any hires a success.
⭑ Designing and building out an intentional and aligned ClickUp structure to reflect your unique business.
⭑ Designing the ultimate customer onboarding experience so that clients fall in love with you from the first click.

My superpowers include:

⚡ A strategic thinking mindset - thinking ahead and creating a clear path to achieving your goals and vision. I am forever curious, looking beyond the obvious for opportunities for greater efficiency and growth and collaborating with you and the team to make the right connections to ensure that energy and focus is invested in the ideas and activities that will get you closer to where you want to go.
⚡ An analytical mindset - tracking and analysing the numbers that matter and helping you to make smarter, data-driven decisions, both to test the viability and sustainability of new ideas and to keep your business growing.
⚡ A marketing mindset - I approach all opportunities and problems by thinking about the impact on the whole team, customers, bottom line and vision.

We’ll work well together if, like me, the following values matter to you: Integrity, Curiosity, Collaboration, Tenacity & Candour

I’m based in the UK but work with clients from around the world.

Kolbe A: 8-6-3-3 | Human Design: 5/1 Sacral Generator | Myers Briggs: INFJ | Enneagram: 2w1 

Skills & Training:

Certified Director of Operations
Certified Dashboard Designer
Certified Online Business Manager
Certified SYSTEMology Champion


English, Spanish (Advanced)

Online tools & systems:

Active Campaign, Asana, Calendly, Canva, ClickUp, Craft, Dropbox, Dubsado, Facebook Ads Manager, Google Analytics, Google Workspace, Hootsuite, LastPass, Loom, Lucid charts, Miro, Skype, Slack, Social Media, Survey Monkey, Thinkific, Toggl, Trello, Voxer, WordPress, Zapier, Zoom and always learning more.