Mia Frankl

Mia Frankl

Certified Since:: January 2020


Hi Gorgeous! I imagine you are feeling overwhelmed with the busy-ness of your business or perhaps you are anxious to reach your next milestone, whatever it is you are looking for, I am thrilled that you are looking for HELP for your business and really, for your sanity!! Take a breath now as you have found the resource(s) you need to move forward.

I am a cheerleading, service-driven woman and my gift is to help people succeed in their zone of genius. I would love to support you in reaching your next level of success, because in doing so, I will also succeed. This win-win approach is the magic of working as a team in the CEO & OBM roles. We achieve more together by combining our skills and talents then we could ever achieve on our own.

I come from a government background (municipal enforcement & project management) so attention to detail, tact and timeliness are ingrained in my delivery. But my portfolio extends far beyond the corporate industry; I am experienced in managing large projects with multiple stakeholders, leading teams of paid and volunteer positions, managing budgets, event planning (all sizes), legal procedure and even court prosecution! My leadership shines in organization, clarity, motivation, accountability, spirit (gotta have fun!) and cohesion. I can set up systems, organize your virtual office, lead your team, brainstorm with you, be there through the thick and think of it all. I will look out for you, question decisions in the best interest of your business and lead you to your goals. I am your cheerleader, your confidante and your right hand woman.

Now, I also want to say, we need to be a fit. I am looking for a match and you should be too. Skills and ability are only part of the equation. We need to have the right chemistry to work together at this level! My client onboarding system has a process built in to identify this (of course!) but for your reference as a quick check, my Kolbe A index is: Fact Finder 8, Follow Through 7, Quick Start 3 & Implementor 3. I would love to know what your Kolbe A score is (or other comparable assessor). Know thyself for success working with others!

Skills & Training:

Sarah Noked's Certified OBM Course
15 years in public sector
3 years as VA to OBM for WREN 
Multiple volunteer boards as secretary, volunteer coordinator, program manager
Courses in law enforcement and investigation skills from the Justice Institute of British Columbia

Zones of Genius
Centralizing your virtual office
Setting you up with Standard Operating Procedures (instructions for work)
Managing Operations
Team Leadership, Hiring & Managing
Project Management
Event Management
Finance Management
Making the work environment fun!


English, French (*partially fluent)

Online tools & systems:

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