Melanie Raphaela

Melanie Raphaela

Certified Since:: October 2020


"I have found her to be a very capable, hardworking team member. She has developed the habit of independent thinking and pursuing a problem fully focused until a solution is obtained."

I'm a certified online business manager located in The Netherlands, Europe.

When you work with me, we both have the same goal: Maximizing your ROI.

Here's what I specialize in:
Project Management
Team Management
Systems Set Up

My inspirations whom I've studied: Joseph Phillips, Deya Kuhnle, Sarah Noked, Tina Forsyth, Sara Dann, and many more. I also spend my free time catching up to the latest business trends from sources like Forbes, ClickUp's Community, Business Insider Facebook Communities, and so on. There are at least 30 hours of additional training I follow yearly.

My secret recipe is taking everything I've learned, plus deep research into your business (past results and metrics, goals, revenue), your market, your competitors, and your customers/clients, and combine all to put out high-quality work that will add hours to your time from day 1.

I work with the type of business owner who cares about quality, because you know getting A+ work will put more money in YOUR pocket. If that sounds like you, I'm the right gal to help. Here's what to do next: Send me an email with a bit about your company and your project. If it seems like a good fit, we'll schedule a call to talk.

Find my portfolio here:

Skills & Training:

Hubspot Inbound Certification
Google Analytics Individual Qualification
Digital Business Manager Bootcamp
Online Business Manager Certification


Fluent English

Native Dutch

Online tools & systems:

Project Management Tools: Asana & ClickUp
Text/Data Processing Tools: Airtable, Notion, Google Suite (Docs, Sheets)
Storage systems: Dropbox, Google Drive, Sync,
Communication Tools: Slack, Zoom, Google Meet,
Security Tools: LastPass

Don't see your preferred tool? Ask me about it! I might know about it 🙂